a new beginning!

September 27, 2006 at 3:59 pm | Posted in tis another blog | Leave a comment

Ah ha! Here we go!

Hellooooo WordPress! 😀

Waving goodbye to the other blogs, forever to be abondoned in the haywired mess we call the internet [tear]. Well, with the exception to my dA account. lol. I still need a place to publish my (somewhat artistic) art stuff, right?

Hmm, i should pick a font colour to publish in….ah man, you can’t do it in the compose box? Bah, html it is then…there! 😀

no wait, it didn work…oh i used the canadian spelling for ‘color’ -_-; ok, try this again….

“There! :D”

well, i really have nothing to post right now, other then the intro. lol. So till then..

‘lata! ^_^


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