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Listening to: Rose – ANNA Inspi Nana

I think I may have to get my tonsils taken out. I should tell you that I’m not a huge fan of surgery’s and whatnot. It’s nothing serious, my tonsils jus happen to be TOO BIG for my throat. :S honestly, that’s so messed up. My body can’t even make its own organs proportionally.
Since they’re too big, I’m having trouble taking proper breaths and then there’s this constant feeling of flem being stuck in there. I always assumed it was due to me being sick…until I realized I wasn’t sick. It just was there ALL the time! I also think this is one of the reasons I had so much trouble singing before completely giving up on it. T_T I loved singing too. Well, I’m going to see the doctor tomorrow, so we’ll see how things go.

Track Change: Lovin’ You – ANNA Inspi Nana

AH! I need to loose crazy amounts of weight! I’m talking about 20-30lbs here. I’m just a little way to chubby right now. almost 190!! o_x;
A partial makeover is in order here, starting with the physical health. Trying to get back all those good health habits I had before I got all lazy (you remember those days, lol we all had them…). So lots of CARDIO! CARDIO! CARDIO! A lot of running. Weights are secondary. 😀

Track Change: Ah Ah – ANNA Inspi Nana

Getting my head back into the music again. I Don’t mean listening to it, but more along the lines of creating music. (Right now, mostly in my head, as it is…^_^; ) Who knows, I might make a small recording with/without voice. Lol, get ready for the trauma ^_~.

Track Change: A Little Pain – Olivia Inspi Reira

’m also in the works of finding another job, since my current job pays little due to shift management. Got to pay the rent, so got to make more money ^_^. Well, that’s the excuse for more money anyways. Lol

Track Change: Tears & Rainbows – Olivia Inspi Reira
Track Change: Let Go – Olivia Inspi Reira

Ok, well two songs have gone by and I can’t come up with anything else to say. lol, kudou out! ‘lata!


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