October 10, 2006 at 2:00 pm | Posted in Boys, Celebrity, Girls, Music Videos, tis another blog, YouTube | 2 Comments

I came about this music video by Mika Nakashima (<3 her btw) for Yuki no Hana PV. I jus had to post it up it was so beautiful [tear], and for those that don’t know, its subbed by Live-Evil. ^^ you gotta watch this.

Also…CHO-PAN! 😀 I get some japanese channels on the stream i watch on the comp, and this commercial has been running everywhere. I jus thought it was so cool and hilarious. @_x and the guy (Inagaki Goro) in it is so handsome too! *_* holy crap…I’m a guy and i wish i was like that. Damn you Soap Opera actors. grr..[shakes fist]
The young girl is cute too #_# wish i knew her personaly. muhahaha, brag about it to everyone. xD



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  1. That commercial is so random! I don’t get it. >>

  2. lol
    the chocolate bar’s name is Cho-pan.
    that guy in the commercial’s name is Cho-pan too.
    They’re saying ‘Don’t leave! Cho-pan!”
    it’s jus a name thing. ^^

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