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October 25, 2006 at 1:59 pm | Posted in Forums, Job Related, tis another blog | 2 Comments

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So I got a mod upgrade to my status on this forum that I regular on a day to day basis. It’s kind of cool. I can finaly clean up the random spam and double posts that I kept seeing everywhere. Hope that goes well without any drama like in other forums (urgh, you know what I’m talking about). check it out if you have time:
JapanForum.com – Forum for Japanese Pop Culture Anime and Life

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I’m applying for a job as an office assistant at a private investigators office. It’s so exciting too! I hope I get it, it would rock in so many ways. Especially snice I want to eventualy follow a career somewhat linking to this.
Cross your fingers!!

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  1. That’d be like ze coolest thing ever to be a P.I.! Good luck~!

  2. You know, I know of a forum exactly like that.

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