“New Evangelion Theatrical Version”

October 26, 2006 at 1:25 pm | Posted in Anime, Movies, Reviews | 1 Comment

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Yet another one from Moon Phase Zasshi:

[アニメ]「新世紀エヴァンゲリオン 新劇場版」前編、中編、後編、最終話の4部作にて製作決定。



“New Evangelion Theatrical Version” will be a 4-part project.

According to previous leaks, it was thought that the new project consisted of 3 summary movies of the TV series and 1 new movie, but now it turns out that all 4 movies will be new productions. Also, the movies are neither sequels nor remakes. We had previously thought that those leaks were faked, but apparently there really are going to be 4 new movies…

Ok, how cool is this? I mentioned this to some people already, but seriously, I had to say it again.

Kakkoii!! !!

Of course, now we can expect another decade’s worth of Eva merchandise. lol, but hey, i guess it really was only a matter of time. ^^;
As i hear it, Hideaki Anno will be in charge of directing again (for better or worse, heh). They will go hand in hand through one production, not four seprate storylines. In tail of this amazing enlightment, there will be purist and fundementalists who will start nagging and prissy about how it won’t be good and blah blah blah. Can it. This is nothing more than a ‘what if’ situation.

For those that don’t quite understand what’s the story behind this movie (which will be released in Summer of 2007!!): The story follows the orignial plot line of Eva, with the same Angels and conspiracies. But with one major difference, Shinji knows of the ultimate fate of mankind. In his quest to change this fate, we see the romance between Asuka and Shinji take a different turn then the orignal plotline. But where does this leave Rei? I guess we’ll see…

I’m actually hoping for more brainfuck scenes. Even though they left me thinking…


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  1. Evangelion is my favorite! I started to learn Japanese because of it haha. Thanks for the Info here.

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