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November 2, 2006 at 12:58 pm | Posted in Contests, Cryptography, technical | 8 Comments

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One of the founding reasons behind this blog was my interest in Cryptography. For that have no clue what it is, Wikipedia has a good intro in its article. I’ve been so busy lately I almost forgot to get this going. Since its a new month and all, I thought I might as well get going on it now.

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Over our time in history, we’ve found the need for security in a number of forms. Take a look around and you’ll notice that you live in a time where we are obsessed with privacy and security. Take a good look around you. Doors, locks, windows, curtains, lights, they’re all primitive forms of security and privacy. It was hard enough keeping people out and away from information then, now introduce technology into the picture. You’ve now got a boom in information going back and forth, but more importantly you’ve got more people wanting to know that information. But I’ll go more into detail with that in my first Crypto Blog.

You: So get with the contest already!! @_@;

MP3/Radio Track I'm listening toTrack Change: Danity Kane – Show Stopper

Heres how this works:
I’ll be having a contest of this sort every month. The prizes will vary, and get harder each time. All ciphers will be crackable, so no dead ends, keep trying if you don’t seem to get it.
There is a hint to help you along that comes before the actual challenge. The hint is also coded though. But no worries, the hint is ALWAYS much much much easier then the real challenge.

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This months prize will be a 3 Month Subscription for deviantArt

Here’s November’s Crypto-Challenge, G’Luck!

324.137.714, 314.262.552, 451.433.812, 471.124.518, 844.162.442, 278.612.361, 323.822.215, 344.139.642, 431.523.121, 611.515.232, 544.812.729, 516.427.421, , 264.122.526, 611.236.365, 446.852.451, 645.226.844, 335.554.472, 143.745.622, 355.231.557

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  1. *sweatdrop* is the first sequence the hint or isit the numbers….I’m gonna assume it’s the letters ^^””

  2. oh wait…has someone solved it already? cause it’s December…so just wondering…

  3. =Mei.Lee=
    Yeah, it went unsolved. I’m gonna put up a solved version and then another challenge up soon

  4. =kudou=

    Aww~!!! I’ve got the hint…and I asked my maths teacher if he knew what it was and he didn’t! Your code must be good then ^^ But I’ll figure it out ^^”” eventually~~~

  5. Btw what’s a blue box? Cause I’m not American right…so we don’t celebrate Halloween that much~

  6. Is the contest still going on or has a winner been declared?

  7. No one won, so I nulled this contest. I’ve been really bad and haven’t put more of these up. Mainly b/c there wasn’t much interest in it.

    Did you figure out what it was? Or even, want more of these?

  8. hey, im new. how do you dew these?

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