Transformers Movie 7/4/2007

November 4, 2006 at 7:24 pm | Posted in Anime, fyi..., Movies, on the go, YouTube | 2 Comments

o_o omg, Transformers…the movie. This is crazy. No, like, you don’t understand how insanely cool and wicked this is. I hope it lives up to the series. Theres a trailer out already on Apple Trailer. Let me see if theres one on YouTube…
and there is! ok, here you go, enjoy! (If you want a higher quality one, check out the Apple Trailers: Transformers website.

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  1. Did I see Steven Spielberg… producing transformers? Would be interesting. And finally the teeny popping generation will get intro-ed to transformers. “What?”… did I hear a teeny bob ask…”what’s a transformer?”… before getting interrupted by her pink nokia cellphone… “wait I better answer this call… might be important ” lol…

  2. urgh, i know what you mean. talking to the 10-15yr olds and they look at you like your crazy…’trans for her-what?’

    ;_; it was quite depressing

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