Kingdom Hearts AMV/PSP

November 30, 2006 at 9:00 am | Posted in AMV, Anime, Movies, Music, Music Videos, PSP, tis another blog, YouTube | 16 Comments

Ok, this is really cool. omg check it out

Kingdom Hearts – Inner Universe by Origa
(Also known as Ghost In the Shell Opening Theme No.1)

I really need to get Kingdon Hearts. gak! no! I’ve yet to play it, and it looks soo sweet. Oh, I might be getting a white PSP this friday. Two offers from people for my Video iPod 30GB. One is version 1.5, the other is 1.82. I want the 1.5 one (fr obvious reasons lol) but I think i might be so desperate for a white psp that I might actually go with the 2.82 guy. It all depends on whether the girl selling the 1.5 psp decides to or not on friday. -_- are you finding that girls make you wait for everything as well? its not jus dates…I swear, its like you all have this genetic coding instructing you to take your time with men. (lol, actually, theres some good advice there i think. LOL)

Do you guys know if there’s a Kingdom Hearts version for PSP? I keep hearing about it, but can never find anything. Any words?




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  1. I played Kingdom Hearts II for hours, days, and weeks in Iraq. What an escape! I recomend it highly:)

  2. make sure you play Kingdom hearts 1, kingdom hearts Chain of Memories, and Kingdom Hearts 2 in that order 😉
    I enjoyed them all greatly, so have fun!

  3. sorry, i don’t mean any harm, but i really like your site 🙂 thats why I link but then…. in singapore, download anime, movies are considered illegal, and to avoid getting into much trouble, I have to use such strong words… sorry if I hurt you =[ I didn’t mean to… x.x but your blog has lots of wonderful stuff that I approve but Singapore don’t x____x

  4. and i edited the word! your site isn’t evil… :]
    its pretty and has lots of content 😀

  5. =bluearth=
    lol, no its all good. no worries. ^^ [baps singapore rule makers on the head for being so stringent on copywrite laws.] o_O

  6. lolllx, yaaaaa [i support you, morally!!! 😀 ] o.0? i was like soooo serious// lolx (lolx i sense that you’re being very very nice ) ^^ You’re helpin lots n lots of ppl get wat they want :] keep this site goin!!!! YOU ROCK MORE THAN I DO. & Merry Chirstmas too (:

  7. no, there is no KH for PSP unfortunately 😦

  8. =iPood=
    T__T NOoooooooooOOOOOOOOoooooooo!!!
    ah well, i was afraid of of that much. Especially when you can’;t even find anything about it on google. lol. Guess I’ll settle for the final fantasy psp game…lol.
    btw…your name scares me. o_O;;

  9. Haha, glad to here there is FF fan here.
    The game is FF7 Crisis Core due out in 2007 😀

  10. =iPood=
    yep yep! I’ve been looking it up and eyeing my calendar for the release date. ^^

  11. Hey! I love the page and totaly Death Note. Its really cool Where did you get it from? Was the music and the video seperate? You gotta tell me!If there is any possibly way, I wanna use the music for my fourm. It would be soooo kewl!!!
    Got ta go!


  12. =Kasumi98=
    ah! you spelt your own name wrong! :p
    The song is Kingdom Hearts – Inner Universe by Origa, but it was also known more commonly as Ghost In the Shell Opening Theme Number 1.
    If you want the MP3, I can sendspace it for you?

  13. Oops! lolz. I type too fast. I know where to press, I just do it too fast. srry bout that. But it is spelled :Kasumi89 not 98. lol. you spelled it wrong too.

    I would like that. If you press my name you will go to my web page, so you can see the challenge Im up to. I want to have the song as my theam song. It would be really cool. Umm…thanx. Im gonna watch the video again, its really kewl.


  14. Hey! I figured out how to do it!! I got the song and not the video! Im happy, it took a while, but I got it.
    Thanx very much Kudou!

  15. I think the idea is good but you need to modify it a little.

  16. Greetings! I’ve been reading your web site for some time now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Porter Texas! Just wanted to mention keep up the fantastic job!

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