kwix Update #01

December 15, 2006 at 10:53 am | Posted in Anime, Cryptography, Death Note, Job Related, Movies, on the go, PSP, YouTube | 7 Comments

Urgh, I’m being so lazy as of late. There are a few posts that I have to get done; like the crypto-answer, DeathNote follow-up, YouTube video I found interesting, PSP stuff… The list goes on, really. gak! no! I’m working these nine hour shifts at my work five days a week now, from three to midnight. So I usually come home and collapse, and wake up just in time to eat some food and an hour to spare before heading out again. sad I gotta get a timeline together so I can better get USE of my time. So tired nowadays from lack of sleep…sleepy

So what do you guys think of this new layout for the blog? Like the older one better? Or stick with this for the holiday Season? Frankly, I’m not too fond of the widgets being stuck in the bottom of the page. I would have loved it so much more if they were on the right side as usual. lol, but that may be because I’m used to it being there. But the bottom? >_>….it’s workable though, so meh.

WOW! Theres more then 10,000+ hits on this blog according to!!! yay!That’s crazy guys! Thanks so much for coming by and taking a look around. I think it was the DeathNote content that reeled you guys in, I’m glad I can be of service to that many people. smile!

So quick update for those of you who missed it:
• Theres the first DeathNote movie for download in english (Hi/lo quality)
• MP3 for Manatsu no Yoru no Yume is now available

Both are in their respective posts. So just scroll down, or got o the very bottom and click on the post in ‘Recent Posts’.

Well, that’s it for now. I promise I’ll get right on the other things soon. I’m also in the makes of a PSP game, so keep your eyes peeled for that in the future. ^^ ‘lata!



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  1. You make this recent winter layout look smexy, Kudou! ^^ Also noticed the 10,000+ hits a while back. It’s all about content and blogging about what you find worthwhile, ne? I really don’t care about how many hits as much as solid readership, but you had caught up to my hits super quick. Congrats ^^;

    I’ve been meaning to ask you did you make that christmas banner yourself. So…did you?

  2. lol, i agree about the readership vs hits thing. Can’t say I’ve really gotten content part down yet. lol.

    As for the banner, yes i did put it together. I didn’t draw them though. I wanted to make the blog look a little more christmas-ish, so I spentt a few minutes scouring the web for some good pics. Then in came photoshop ^^;
    I contemplated drawing something and putting it up, but…between work and being lazy…lol.

  3. Yeah, totally know about the lazy. Photoshopping is fun when you have the time. I knew you didn’t draw those girls since I’ve met with a few of them myself in the past =P It’s a nice job. Hopefully I’ll be able to put together a little something for mine over winter break.

  4. photoshp! shotoshop! 😀 Get into that festive (or at leasy winterish) look for the blog ^^ Its a nice change before you have to put it all back. lol.

  5. Hi, my name’s Raphael, from Brazil. I like the videos you post… i’d like to know more information about them… can you sendme?
    if you want, my msn:

  6. ilove flower

  7. Do you have texhnolize full lenght songs(Tsuki no uta)

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