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I feel I owe everyone who’s come here an apology. My last real post was way before the New Year came around, and I haven’t posted anythign since. Neither have I really done anything since then in regards to requests and such. It’s been really busy on my side of the world, and it hasn’t really spared me much time even for social gathers of the sort.

I do have plans for this blog, its just a shame I’m not finding the time to do it all.pyong eyeing

I’ve begun writing some new songs to record, I think you’ll like them. It’ll all be self done and basicly solo, so don’t get too excited about it. gak! no!
I think I’ve actually gained more weight then I had wanted to loose. So i’m in the RED (as you can see on the right). sad
I’m also lagging terribly with my cryptograpy section. (i.e., non-existant at this time). I’m trying to fill in the requests people are asking for, but it’s kind of hard. lol. esp when doing so, kind makes this blog look..well…random and miscellaneous.

Well, not much else to say. I’m planning on a few posts within the week. So hold still and wait for those. I’ll be trying my best to get back into rhythm and keep the pace.

So till then, ‘lata!


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