DeathNote Last name almost done uploading…

March 11, 2007 at 5:24 pm | Posted in tis another blog | 14 Comments

So, its as the header reads…I have a RMVB version of the second movie which i have almost finished uploading to sendspace. Yeah, thats a Real player format, but don’t flame it. Its rather good quality compared to our favorite AVI extension. The file size is smaller than the AVI equivalent too, but it holds almost good a quality as AVI. I think its a good version to hold up here for you guys.

Now, that being said, some of you have posted link to other torrents/sites/uploaders of the movie. I can’t vouch for the quality or whether it has english subs of these movies. So, if any of you have downloaded these…please give me some feedback on them so I can put them up here.

Yes, my version DOES have english subs on it…they are hardsubbed. I’ll have them up for download when sendspace finshed uploading…sleepy



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  1. What happened to the download? =/ It was there this morning and i got the first part but it disappeared =( Will you get the downloads back up anytime soon??

  2. It looks like it was the first movie.

    Well mistakes happens…

  3. So the part I downloaded was the first part of the first movie? D= I was looking foward to it…

  4. Haha! C’mon! I can’t wait to download this, I just finished watching the third. Deathnote wa subarashii desu!


  5. gah! sorry sorry! ;___;

    I did the wrong file by accident…I didn even realize till someone said it. I’ll have it up soon guys, jus hold on a lil longer! ^^;

    If you downloaded the first part…you might as well delete it. Sorry again for that…

  6. could u tell me where to find the movie?

  7. where can i download the movie u’ve uploaded? pls tell me (((:

  8. Just hold up a while >.

  9. Crap, my smily face killed half my post -.- Well, i was saying to hold up cause he’ll get it up as soon as possible

  10. HurryHurryHurryHurryHurryHurryHurryHurryHurryHurryHurryHurryHurryHurryHurry
    HurryHurryHurryHurryHurryHurryHurryHurryHurryHurryHurryHurryHurry. Kthnxbye


  11. can anyone post only the subtitle please?
    because I already have the movies but without any subtitle..

    thanks in advance…

  12. T_T can u pls tell us where to find the movie that you just recently upload(Death Note Last Name w\english sub) well any way thanks!……

  13. Yeah, hey… where’s the movie??? I think that’d be the first english subbed The Last Name movie on the web!!!!
    I have the movie already but no subs.. argh.. I just need subtitles but i’ll be more than happy to replace it with this one.

  14. The guy is playing you for a fool. lol

    “Almost done uploading” – March 11th

    “Oops uploaded the wrong one. I’ll get it right this time” – March 12

    *Crow cawing* – March 15th


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