Download DeathNote Last Name DVD-RIP (English Subs)

March 18, 2007 at 1:36 am | Posted in Anime, Death Note, Downloads, Japanese, Movies, on the go, Sendspace | 201 Comments

It’s 2:30AM right now, jus came home really tired…found that Sendspace finished uploading these…so I’m gonna post them up now for you guys instead of when I wake up…I’ll add details about it then. So for now, enjoy… English subtitles are included in the download):

••••Click to DOWNLOAD DeathNote Last Name DVD-RIP 1/3 (SendSpace) ••••
Name: Death Note Last Name DVD-RIP part 1.rar
Movie Res: 592px X 320px
Duration: 2:19:50
Size: 275MB (SendSpace)

••••Click to DOWNLOAD DeathNote Last Name DVD-RIP 2/3 (SendSpace)••••
Name: Death Note Last Name DVD-RIP part 2.rar
Size: ~275MB

••••Click here if you want to DOWNLOAD DeathNote Last Name DVD-RIP 3/3 (SendSpace)••••
Name: Death Note Last Name DVD-RIP part 3.rar
Size: 140MB (SendSpace)

Now, for those of you that ALREADY have the DVD-RIP, but would like to download the SRT file, here it is. Keep in mind, the DVD-RIP I have for download above already has this file in it. This is only for those that already have the dvd-rip, but no srt.

••••Click here if you want to download ENGLISH subtitles for DeathNote Last Name•••
Name: Death Note 2 the Last
Size: 120KB




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  1. hm… sendspace is still cutting me off whenever i try to dl it… is there another site you can try uploading on so i can dl it? xD
    P.S. Apologies for my selfishness :O

    • try to go on an on the searcg type deathnote movie or watever you want to download n <<<there u r wid ur video

  2. ‘Need this file to continue extraction: Deathnote the last name.part2.rar – Please enter the CD with this file on it and press OK’

    …How do I sort this?

  3. =Exadra=
    What file hosting site works for you? megaupload? rapidshare? etc…

    You need to download all three files before it works. jus download them all, keep them in the same folder, then extract the first file, and they’ll all follow automatically.

  4. nevermind that, i used a different download manager and it works fine now, almost done witht the third file

  5. Hi Exadra. Can you pls reupload these 3 parts in Zshare ? I can’t download from Sendspace, RapidShare or Megaupload. Really appreciate if you could help me. Thx a lot.

  6. wow… awesome, just finished the movie… and im uploading the full movie (not in parts) onto zshare, and its still not done after 2 hrs, ill tell u when its done

  7. Thx so much, man 🙂 U’re so kind

  8. 1st thanks to this release… Eng sub…and here is a little gift to all..

    i re-uploaded to other hosting server…

    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3

  9. o_O
    zshare? Is that good? Never heard of it. Only reason I had to split it nito three parts is cause sendspace limits to 300megs each. How are the download speeds on zshare? its a 700meg file…does it take long to download them?
    If its as good, then I might jus switch to using that and not sendspace…
    edit: I jus checked the site out…they only allow 100MB files at a time…how’d you manage to upload this movie on there?

  10. …i couldnt, but it didnt tell me that… i uploaded for around 7 hrs, then went to sleep, and now that i just woke up, i find that it screwed up lol

  11. Thanks for this, but the subs wont appear….

  12. Hi Exadra. Really appreciate what u’ve done, man. It’s a pity that you couldn’t upload the files. I didn’y notice that the largest file can be uploaded is 100MB. Can anyone pls help me upload this movies in yousendit or z-share? Thx you very much.

  13. =Guy=
    What program are you using to watch it? If you’re using VLC, it should automaticly pick up the subs (assuming its in the same folder as the movie).
    Try artful’s uploads to file2peers. They SHOULD work. If not…crap. lol. If they don’t work, tell me what filehosting site works for you and I’ll try to get it there for ya.
    You rock. Simply put. 🙂

  14. =kudou=
    oh, you must have missed the bit where i said i got it alrdy, oh well, i do,
    If you ARE using VLC and you dont see the subs, go to video>subtitle and click track one. I had to do this to make my subs appear.

  15. I love you

  16. Thx 4 sharing guy 🙂 I’m downloading now.

  17. do you have the .srt file for this…I have the HD quality movie…just want to add the srt…thnx

  18. =Ucachi=
    The srt file is inside the first rar, so you can get it there, if you dont want to download it, leave me your email and ill send it to u

  19. Hi. I’ve downloaded three parts. However, I could not extract 3 files by Winrar because part 2 is corrupted. Can you pls check the part 2 for me, Exadra ?

  20. I have it, its fine, mayb you should try redling it?

  21. Hi. I’ve already tried to re-download 2 times. I still have the same problem 😦

  22. I attempted the dl last night but it failed so I am trying the files2peers link right now…if it fails throughout the day I will get back to you so that you can send me the srt..thanks so much!

  23. heii omg thnx so much for takin ur time to upload this aweesomm movie, I’m sooo happy esp after hana yori dango just ended i’ve got death note 2 to cheer me up lolz

  24. Has anyone tried to download and extract 3 files from files2peers? Do you have any problem? If you still keep part 2, can you pls reupload for me? Really really appreciate. Thx so much.

  25. =Bruce=
    Are you using Firefox, Opera or Safari? For some reason, those browsers download files but they come out corrupt. Have no clue why, but downloading the same files in Internet Explorer works fine. Maybe thats the case here too? Cause I downloaded the file from sendspace and then from file2peer. It works just fine. :S

    • can i use giigle chrome to dowload

  26. Hi. I’m using IE. I’ve tried to download the files from two different PCs but I still has the same problem. I’m gonna try one more time to see how.

  27. I downloaded it using firefox and it came out fine, but i needed to use firefox\’s downloader (no download manager) to get it, or else it would stop in the middle of the download

  28. Hi. Thx 4 ur trial, guys. But have u guys tried to extract 3 files with part 2 that u just downloaded from file2peers? I’ve extracted and then when it came to 76%, I always got an error msg. The msg state that file 2 is corrupt.

  29. I also used IE to download. I didn’t use any download manager because it didn’t work at all.

  30. Subtitles arn’t showing. VLC doesn’t have a video>subtitles option. The movie works fine, no subs though…

  31. =Bruce=
    Maybe its just the file2peer download…? I guess sendspace isn’t working for you?
    I guess you’re using the new version of VLC, which would explain why that sub-menu isn’t there anymore.
    do this: File : Open File : Open the file by pressing browse near the top : then checkmark ‘use subtitles’ then find the srt file. then press OK. It’ll work for sure now.

  32. Thank you so much…
    But well, Sendspace doesn’t work for me, so I have to use file2peers. I downloaded the first and the second part (what about this one? does ist work?)
    I can’t download the third part now… What can I do? Wait for tomorrow? 😉
    I dont know much about this server, so i have no idea about max-download-size or something.
    Is there any other server you could upload it, if the second part on file2peers really doesnt work?
    Greetings, earthlings.

  33. Arigatou Gozaimasu Kudou! ^^

  34. =Kudou=

    Yes I can’t download any file from sendspace. I tried file2peer. I can download 3 files but when I extract I always encounter an error msg stated that file 2 is corrupted. I’ve tried to re-download file 2 three times. I still have the same problem. Is there any chance that when Artful uploaded file 2, the server got problem?

    Have anyone downloaded 3 parts from file2peer and extracted them? Do you have any problem? 😦

  35. I have exactly the same problem and the same error message… I think there must have been a server problem while uploading or something, probably.
    Maybe somebody who already has the 2nd file can upload it on another server?
    Hope so. 😦

  36. Yup … Finally someone has downloaded and extracted the files. I think file2peer is quite ok. No need to change to another server, rite? Can any1 pls re-upload part 2? Thx so much.

  37. Can anyone pls help us ? 😦

  38. Sendspace is working fine. Though i think my comp is going to crash because just a few days ago I uploaded the entire Death Note 1 in one try…it’s like a few thousand mbs…

  39. somehow part 2 & 3 are having problems i guess..
    hopefully theres a solution to this.

  40. cannot!
    there say file coorrupted cannot extract
    fcuk i download for so many fcuking hours! and this happen wat the fcuk!

  41. Hi all. Just like to share my experience. Initially I’ve had the same problem too when i had downloaded all 3 parts from files2peers. Then i came back to this page and noticed one comment about part 2 being corrupted. So i then re-downloaded part 2, this time from sendspace. And this time it worked perfectly!

    Hope this helps.

  42. So i guess if u download all 3 parts from sendspace, things should work fine.
    The reason i chose files2peers at first was that i got much better speed from it.

  43. I have download in files2peers and al of them is corrupted. So, now I try to download it in sendspace. I hope it will work and no more corrupted. 🙂

  44. =virtua=
    apparently the files got corrupt when artful uploaded them to f2p or something. Use sendspace, those files work fine.
    holy bajeezus, relax. the same response as i gave virtua above applies to you. ^^
    Thanks so much, I’ve taken #2’s link off.
    ALL of them were corrupted? Thats a first…Well, like i said…sendspace is what I recommend. I’ve yet to find another mirror server I can upload to. :s

  45. Ive downloaded the rar files. When I unrar it, it just wouldn’t unrar, and all three files are in the same folder

  46. It says
    You have reached your daily download limit (1GB).
    Please try again tomorrow or upgrade to sendspace Max™ to enable a massive 4GB daily limit with multiple, fast, top priority downloads.

    This appear after i switched off my computer, and switched on the day after, isnt that weird on sendspace or is it just me???

  47. woah, i finally found a dvd-rip version! tnx.

    i only watched this 2nd movie in youtube, but i still want to see it in a higher quality and bigger resolution. tnx for the upload 🙂

  48. Hi… I have download in sendspace but it haven’t work good yet 😦 What should I do? Could you upload it at another website pls? In rapidshare maybe? Thank’s before 😉

  49. =virtua=
    :s Thats really odd…I dunno, jus try again later I guess?
    w00t! glad to be of service! 😀
    Hmmm, did you download all three parts?
    After you download all three, jus unzip the FIRST part. Thats all, the other two will unzip by themselves. Tell me how it goes…

  50. =/ still the same message i get after the next day.Perhaps it is really sendspace’s fault.

  51. I downloaded the sendspace versions, The Frist part works perfectly fine. But then when i finished downloading part 2, i cant unrar it. Argh! this is sooo annoying, it took me sooo long to download it. Please, Please, can someone help!! =[

  52. =mikuuux
    Don’t unzip the 2nd or 3rd part! You HAVE to download all three parts and keep them in the same folder. Then unzip the FIRST file only. WinRar will detect the other two files and unzip the movie into one AVI file.

  53. How come i cant download the subtitles =O?

  54. =Bushinka=
    Cause I’m an idiot and didn’t link it properly. -_-;
    It should work now though, sorry about that.

  55. sorry to be a pain .. but like Bushinka said .. the download link for the subtitles still dont work …

    but thanks for uploading the movie! i already have a HD version of it and i’ve been looking everywhere for subtitles! the movie jst isn’t as good if you only understand half of it. =]

  56. Just letting everyone know that Megaupload alows uploads faster and allows faster downloads. Its a better server. Just an FYI for future uploads and downloads.

  57. yes..Megaupload is faster and it keep the file longer
    I got troule with Senspace ..It’s to slow and can’t wait

  58. Thank you very much for Sharing Death Note Movie 😀 ^^

  59. =piiorrriiiii=
    …proof I’m an even bigger idiot. lol
    HTML got mixed up, it should work now. Tested it out, so it WILL work now. ^_^;;
    Yeah, I’m a fan of MU too, I ususally use SP only for MP3’s and stuff. But I jus ended up favoring SP the last couple of time for movie uploads. Guess its the blue background and one click downloading :p
    Thanks for the input though, I’ll try to keep bigger files on MU from now on.
    lol, I guess you ended up waiting eh? Enjoy the movie! ^^

  60. Ty now it works and now i can understand what they say =D ( the subs have some spelling mistakes o.O) and once again thanks =D

  61. Hey thank you very much, for uploading this movie with the subs, I saw the first one and got addicted. Can’t wait to watch it as I can’t buy the movie here in the uk. so I am happy that I found your page!

  62. =Bushinka=
    😀 Glad it works now. Yeah it does have some mistakes…but I’m too lazy to fix them up. ^^;
    FTR, I’m not the one who subbed it. So don’t blame me :p
    lol, yay! Its always great when you finally find that thing you’re looking for. Esp when its a movie…lol. Glad your happy with it. Enjoy! 🙂

  63. bleh the third part for sendspace isnt working for me. when i click the download link its goes to a cannot find server page. is this my computer or is something wrong with the file?

  64. ah sorry my fault. its working now. =]

  65. thx muchie

  66. Weyhey~! You’re the bomb, man! =P Although, i havn’t finished downloading all of it yet. lol, hopefullly it’ll work. thanks soo much for uploading. =)

  67. I got english subs file from here… but my death note file actually divide into 2 part. 1st part start from 00:00:00 to 01:01:02. so the part to start from 01:01:03 to the end. so i just can watch part 1 with english subs but i can’t watch the 2nd part with english subs because this english subs is use for 1 full movie(not divided as mine)

    Anyone can tell me how to mix/join these 2 files of death note? (i had used many program from but i couldn’t join these 2 files which i downloaded from torrent) or Anyone can give me the english subs file that has been divide into 2 partS?


  68. Yahh… it works-! lol, we can delete the seperated parts after we’re done joining them right? thanks again. *huggies…. supreme diaper?* xP

  69. =_Angel=
    Yep, you can delete the rar files you downloaded after you join/unrar them. ^^ Make sure you enjoy the movie! Popcorn! Drinks!….err….Whatever else floats your boat! ^^;

  70. Hi, sorry to ask but what is the SRT file? do i have to download it in order to watch the DVD rip file?

  71. and and, sorry, do I need to use HJsplit>??

  72. =christina=
    You don’t need to download the SRT file if your downloading the other three parts. that file is already in there. the SRT file is the subtitle file which is in english. So if you don’t know Japanese…you might want to keep that :p
    No, you don’t need HJsplit. Jus use winrar and unrar the FIRST part…the other 2 parts will automaticly join together. THen open up your media client (i recommend VLC) and enjoy!

  73. Would somebody please help me! I’ve alredy downloaded the three files but when a use a RAR extractor about 50% before it finishes it says ‘You need the following volume to continue extraction’ then I browse through the next file to be extracted (Deathnote part2 2of3) but then it says the file is corrupted.
    Please help, I don’t wanna have to download the file again cos I got a slow connection.

    • use 7-zip which is much better. If that doesn’t work, than the file download was probably interuppted because the file I downloaded just fine. As far as media player I use media player classic which plays practically anything and makes it easy to load subtitles and boost sound.

  74. =Shotgun=
    It seems as though the second file that was downloaded off of file2peer was corrupt. I’m going to upload all three files to megaupload soon. If you downloaded the files from sendspace…well, i dunno. it shouldn’t be corrupt. o_O; So….where did you download it from? and just wait a lil bit (tommorow?) and you’ll have a much cleaner copy of part2. sorry! @_@;

  75. Im currently downloading it but im still not sure. If I extract the first file and have the rest of the files in the same folder will it extract into the full movie? Ye Thanks.

    Anyways you rock bro!!! Uploading DeathNote the movie on the net….OMG man u roCK \m/!!

  76. Somethings wrong ..
    This things came up:
    You need to have the follow volume to countinue extration

  77. I can’t download Death Note 2 part 2?

  78. Oh Hell No!! I still can’t extract the file, It still says file is corrupted however it stops at around 70-85%. Help pls!!

  79. Is the same here…
    Plzz help…

  80. Why does the megaupload one is death note live action 1 not 2

  81. I finished downloading it all. Thanks a bunch!
    But one thing is that it doesnt have the english subs!
    I have the .SRT file but I dont know how to get it to work 😦
    Help ? ;(

    • use media player classic go to options

  82. erm…let me ask u something,how do i even unzip it(because the words i c are all question marks “???”,is the shortcut of unzip Alt+E?

    if yes,how come when i tried that,there is the exclamation sign?it seemed that there is somekinda error,huh?

  83. when im done downloading all 3, do i have to do anything?
    ty. (:

  84. the subtitles don’t work.
    and im using windows media player.
    help plz?
    thanx. (:

  85. The death note part 3 link doesn’t seem to work.

    and @ crystaliz3 download k-lite codecs and then open the movie file in media player. keep the subtitle file and movie file in the same folder. this should do it.

  86. no hardsubbed version yet? 🙂

  87. I’m using the Sendspace link for part 1 atm, getting about 50kbps average. Is the other site faster? ty =^.^=

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  89. Can U upload the English Subtitle for the First deathNote DVD? Many many thanks before…

  90. mmm… sorry…. I mean the .srt for The first DeathNote Movie? Thanks!

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  101. do you have Death Note 1? Could you upload it into rapidshare too?

  102. Hey, thanks for sharing this movie.. But I can’t manage to download it from sendspace.. after I clicked on the link provided by sendspace, it doesn’t prompt me any file to save.. I even tried to save link as or save target as, but then it was done in a seconds. And when I tried to open the folder which I save, it doesn’t have any file on that folder…
    Could you please help me on this matter??
    Thanks in advance…

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  104. Collection 1


  105. Alright, so far I have parts 1 and 2 downloaded. I have downloaded part 3 a couple of times and every time I try to extract all the parts, 1 and 2 go through but then it says that part 3 is missing. When I go look for it, the file has disappeared even though it is still on my screen. Can anyone provide help? I’m downloading it again btw and I’ll keep doing it until this gets worked out.

    Thanks so much!!!

  106. Thank you it works! But now the subtitles don’t. I’ll figure it out somehow!! Thanks so much!!

  107. tnx to this man..! cant wait the sequel of the first liveaction.. soooo coooool! a bunch of tnx for u guyz helping us noobies with our downloading problems.. im currently downloading part2.. if i dont encounter any problems, ill upload it to any server of ur liking.. like megaupload or rapidshare.. a million tnx to the kind uploaders here..

  108. @haru

    in case u havent figured it out yet.. download the sendpace file above this thread? uploaded by kudou (cant thank u enuf man!) then play it using VLC Media Player. you play the avi file together with the subtitle file to the same folder as the VLC Player (C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC is my path) and voila! it should work like a charm..

    pardon me for acting-like-a-moderator attitude.. but as ive said, i cant thank kudou enuf so im helping with some of our friends who are having trouble with the video itself..

    p/s: ive already downloaded all the parts and unrar and there seems to have zero problems.. if u want another link to these files.. just reply to this thread and ill gladly oblige to any filehosting request… once again.. tnx to kudous.. kudos to you kudous! =)

  109. Woooow, arigatooo gozaimasuuu, it’s so cool that you’ve uploaded the movie, THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!! Actually I’m just dowloading the first part, I hope there won’t be any problems 😀

    Thank You!!!!!!!!!^^

    Death Note rules!!!! >.

  110. Very useful and informative blog. Recommended for all to see.

  111. i downloaded 3 of them but when i extract part 1 it’s doesn’t ask for part2 and 3
    anyone have some prob with me or anyone can tell me how to repair this?

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  113. can some one of you good people share the link of death note movie 1? many thanks

  114. I downloaded all 3 parts of the movie and the subtitles and the only Movie player that works on my cpu is Quick Time Player but when I open the movie with it the movie doesn’t play do I have to do something to the movie file?

  115. i havnt downloaded deathnote last name yet
    planning to coz desperately wanting to watchi it!!
    but net is slow so yea… i’ll get a mate to dl 4 me

    smplayer should play it if ne1 wants it…

    it’s pretty goood
    it also can load subtitles so yeaaaa


    cya! ;p

  116. I need help… I downloaded it an the file was corrupted it wont open…… Can u uploaded somewhere else? or any help?

  117. board message pnft yahoo


  118. Hope it’s not too late to ask for help here….I already had an HD quality MKV file of Death Note: The Last name so I had just downloaded the SRT file from here…The subs I got to work (thanks to whoever it was up there who suggested going through the menus in VLC ^_^), but problem is that now the video suddenly stops about three quarters of the way in and VLC shuts down….It’s only started since I added the SRT file…I tried deleting it but nothing doing…Anyone got any advice? Thanks a million in advance ^_^

  119. I’m ’bout to download the last part… I can see that the files are 001, 002 and 003 files… so if you have trouble un-zipping them, try to get the program hjsplit… that can make the 3 files into one… that should clear the problem :D… GL

  120. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  121. does anyone have death note 1 > <;
    sry.. i didn’t see it and i’m not sure if anyone uploaded….

  122. waaaa!!! im done dling it and extracting.. im about to play doesnt have pictures.. and also ders a mesage below “error downloading codec” wtf is dat!!

  123. Arigato gozaimasu, i am currently downloading part 2. I hope it is a good movie.

    For all that want to watch the first movie, go to and search “deathnote live action movie one”. It is there in 12 parts.

  124. Does anyone have a link to the first Death Note Live action movie???? Much thanks 4 anyone that can help w/this.

  125. Hi skirmish… check this link for the first death note movie..

  126. Hello,

    I was wondering if you could help me? I’m trying to open file and I keep getting a message that reads ” You need the following volume to continue the extraction”. If I were to download Death Note will it fix this problem?

    The programs I am trying to open are downloaded from the internet and are VST’s ( Software to enhance guitar sound) also called plugins.

    You plug your guitar into the computer and the signal runs through the software ( which does an incredible job) and you play and enjoy.

    That’s a brief decription of the software.

    Anyway any adivce you can give is greatly appreciated!

    Thank You!

    Zap –

  127. Wow! Thanks alot kudou! Sendspace works PERFECTLY. Thankies, Thankies, THANKIES! ~mega glomp~

    Only one question: I want to convert the videos so I can put them on my iPod. How can I do that so the subtitles go with it?

  128. Hey thanks for this but i see this is deathnote 2? you have the first film? because i cant really watch this untill ive seen the first one and i cant find it to download anywhere… Anychange you could upload it in japanese with engsub and send me the links? 😀


  129. hello kudou…………….

    thank you so much for the movie!!!!

    but can i know if the movie is in Japanese language and English sub?

    Please please dont skip my comment… waiting eagerly for your reply….

    btw, HAPPY APRIL FOOL….. beware…

    regards.. 🙂

  130. =appreciate=
    hey there 😀
    yeah the movie is in japanese with english subs.
    as if i would have anything less on my blog :3

  131. Hey I was wondering if it would be possible to actually convert the .avi’s in .mp4’s for Ipod, with the english subtitles. Thanks for your help in advance. 🙂

  132. hey i downloaded the things but how come no english subs?

  133. Every time I open the movie in VLC it gives a error message that says Unrecognized format for ‘File location\Death Note The Last Name SUBBED.avi.001’

  134. hey i need help how come it comes with a seperate
    .srt file do u have it with subs alone and not a seperate srt file ?

  135. hey i need this movie death note because i love this movie

  136. ありがとございます。

  137. hay all .. plz plz i don’t know how to download the movie . i love death note very much , how can i download it ?

  138. hey, how come when i access the file2peer file the only thing that comes out is :
    “This domain may be for sale by its owner.”
    i would appreciate if u fix that 🙂

  139. i really enjoyed reading all the messages. thanks for loading the srt file. good luck to everyone else

  140. thank you for publishing it. =]

  141. people anime????? subtitles for death note ANIME??

  142. someone please help me when i downloaded all the parts and extracted them there were no english subbs

  143. Hi. I’m downloading part 1/3 right now, and wondering… What’s the SRT file? I never heard of that file type. Also, wil I be able to burn the movie onto a blank DVD-R so I can watch it on my TV and not my moniter?



  144. Anyway thanks a million.

  145. do you have death note anime? I’ve been searching it for a long time…
    Share to me please….

  146. i tried using rar to extract the files..but it kept prompting me that the files are corrupted..i downloaded from sendspace by the to teach me what else i can use to extract? thanks

  147. Upload It To MediaFire Please…… >.<

  148. subtitles dont work 😦 and death note anime, try

  149. U can download the English Subtites from

    And if u cannot download the movie from here u can download it from Megaupload or Rapidshare. The links are given at this page:

  150. uil;h;on

  151. i download all the part.. but when i play it.. it’s only play the subtitles.. theres no video on it. i play it on real one play theres an error on playing it.. theres no graphics only speeches..

  152. :O I love you so much!!!
    omg thank youuuuu! XD

  153. Thank you so much for sharing this movie. ^^

  154. konni’chiwa Exadra-san….

    hajimemashite.. 😛

    dude.. tnx for this movie.. bwahahaha.. argatou gozamasu…
    uhmm… is there a death note movie 1???

    if you do know.. please do tell me…

    this one is already the movie 2…. but even so…… im thankful. ahaha….. am really a fan f this death note thingy….. especially the jigoku shoujo in other words.. they call it hel girl.. 😛

    is there anyone her who has a friendster of facebook?? add me up yoh!!!

    and i do know the real website of jigoku shoujo.. 😛

    ahaha… searched for it 24/7.. man im so tired that time with no sleep. ahaa… 😛 ofcourse searched it in a japanese website.. and poof!! whoala.. 😛

  155. I was wondering if anyone help me? I’m trying to open the file and I keep getting a message that reads ” You need the following volume to continue the extraction”. If I were to download Death Note will it fix this problem?

    can anyone tell me??
    if u can please email me

  156. walao..

    i just watch the movie…

    it is great…

    there is no problem for me to download this greeat movie…

    if u hav the 3rd movie..

    plss let me know..!!

    • there is the thrid death note movie L-changes the world it is gr8

      • can you give me the link?? the third death note L- changes the world

  157. hi!……….
    do you have death note anime movie because i alredy downloud 2x now but am
    steel having abig problem to this.

  158. hi can u pls upload these on 4shared or Mediafire or make a torrent for it?
    pls and thanks for the movie too

  159. hey.. thanks for the video..

  160. thks u for sharing the movie

  161. hey there,,it’s my first time downloading here and it’s my first time to download a movie without an english subs. Ya, you have an english subs there ready to download, but how can i put the english subs on the movie Last Name that i downloaded here? sorry, i’s my first time. I thought there’s already eng subs when i download these part files.. T.T tnx for the response in advanz!

  162. thanx for the upload dath nore rocks!!

  163. I cannot unrar part 3..says part 3 is corrupt..please…reupload!

  164. I had downloaded the part1, and when I tried to extract it…


    “CRC failed in ‘Death Note 2 the Last Name.avi’. File is broken.”

    Did I do any mistake or is it really a broken/corrupt video file?

  165. Thnks for the upload

  166. yes i agree thankyou very much for the upload

  167. death note

  168. did subtittle been removed???

  169. nice one~ I have hard times to find this movie with jap dub and eng sub, cuz ende up download a eng dub without realiz it first…

  170. ‘Arigatou Gozaimasu!!!

  171. ‘Arigatou Gozaimasu!!!

  172. aya indonesia language teu………??????????????

  173. kamsamnida Oppa…. *(^o^)*

  174. thank you so much for sharing 🙂

  175. Thanks so much for sharing the movie

  176. is this video have subtitle??

  177. Part1 corrupt 😦 any mirror?

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