Anyone notice we almost got hit by an asteroid on friday?

April 3, 2007 at 1:49 am | Posted in fyi... | 2 Comments

Well, I must say…it went quite unnoticed by many, myself included. We keep hearing about how an asteroid the size of texas will hit Earth in the distant future (heck, they even made a movie about it), but seriously…whats the likelihood of this happening? I thought Apophis was the real deal and the world was going to end as we know it by 2029-2036…But seriously, how many people knew about our close encounter?

With everyone shouting ways to nudge(1|2)/destroy/deflect the asteroid outta the way, whatever happened to this discovery?

All in all, I’m not worried. We still have Bruce Willis. yay!
err…then again…maybe not

(Wait, an Asteroid almost hit us? What?…read on…go ahead, click here!)



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  1. How would there be a asteroid the size of Texas? Are you sure this is true?

  2. Why is that so hard to believe? Comets are small rocks flying around, Asteroids are their larger counter-part. o_o?

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