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So here i was looking through some of my old files when i came upon a old blog post draft. After reading it..i felt it required posting. :p So here it is:

12:28 AM 08/09/2006
so this weird lady comes into the store a few min ago (working right now); she asks if she can use a power outlet to charge her phone for a few seconds. as the person i am, i didn care so i said ‘yeah, sure’ and took it from her. ok, the lady is like..25 or so. so shush all you ppl. anyways, i found her an outlet in one of the cupboards hidden away and plug it in for her, and she gets all excited. xD
she opens her RAZR and looks through a list (i’m assuming as she mentioned she jus needs to get a #). then asks for a pencil and paper, all while saying, “You’re so cool for doing this!” and thanking me. after she gets what she needs form her phone, she says to me..”thank you soo much! i’m so glad i found a young person working right now. bye!” and she leaves.

“young person” ^_____^

i love looking younger then i am. [dances around cleaning the store] lalalala

lol, i’m running out of things to talk about :p
People still look at me and think I’m 17 or 18…hahahaha, yes!

Oh yeah…I still have so many unpublished drafts on my mac. I jus never get around to transferring it on to the PC from my MAC due to laziness…gak! no!;

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Well, I gotta go get ready for work…


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