New Years Splaz!

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So there I am reading a Manga, More Kare, laughing and wondering whats gonna happen next; when it hits me that I haven’t made a traditional blogger’s entry about New Years!
Thus, here I am. Stopping everything and thinking of what to throw in before the wee hours run out on me. Roughly FOUR hours to go! WHOOO! (I say this as i sit on my tush miles away from any celebration what-so-ever. _|¯|o it’s depressing. 😦

Quite a bit happened this past year, but I’m not going to go into details as a simple search of “Year in review 2007” gets you about 75 million hits. But take a click and see for yourself, what you missed and what you remember.

Isn’t it funny how ppl start looking back on what they’ve accomplished in the year only when the nexy one is around the corner? People make resolutions, mostly in an attempt in hopes of what they’ll accomplish. Somewhat like a dream, but on a smaller scale one step at a time. But how much of it do they cross off? How many times have you made a list of things you want to do in the coming year, only to realize at the end of it…you had forgotten about them altogether? I’d be lieing if I said I wasn’t one of them. lol
A lot of times, it’s due to some unrealistic dreams and aspirations they jot down in haste, ad they realize the truth and fluster it off when they don’t come close to finishing it. But wait, this time…take a moment. Think about what you really want to get done. Be realistic, is what I’m saying…

AAAAND, on that note: I should put what *I* want to get done this year (in regards to the blog and general) :D.

Bog related:

    —_____— though this may be a bit unrealistic from what history shows…
  • Crypto of the Week
    Once a week do a crypto puzzle or entry about as I originaly intended to do with this blog
  • Kanji of the Week
    Once a week do a Kanji letter of the day or such as I’ve been getting questions about why I never went through with it…ahem
  • Incorporate a Audio blog
    I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now. To do some audio blog entries while I’m out. A lot happens when I’m out, but I don’t always write about them when I come home and sit in front of the box. lol. You guys probably noticed how much less I talk about compared to the first couple, lah
  • Geek week in review
    I’ve had this idea to do a technological look in what’s new at the end of each week. Cause not all of us have time to keep up to date day to day
  • Lots more…
    I have lots more ideas, but it would ruin it if i spille dit all out right? :p Expect more. And if you have any suggestions youd like to see, e-mail me!!

Ok, now some New Year Resolutions for myself (in no specific order)

    Oi oi, it’s not that much..and if I’m not mistaken, the dots on the right have increased if anything. lol
  • Get back into Swimming, Tennis and Mystery sport
    I’ve been wanting to get back into them, but I was using the weight issue as an excuse…:p I want to get back into them though, I miss sweating up a storm after a good workout. 😀
  • Take advanced Japanese classes
    A five year old could out-talk me right now. No seriously, I’m so out of the language barrier, I may need to go back to basics. :s If I’m ever to go to Tokyo U like I wanted to, I need to brsh up quick time lol
  • Make a million dollars
    Hahaha, talk about realistic dreams eh? Ok, but you get the point, I need to save up a lot of money to plan for the future…so lah,
  • Enroll into the Post-secondary school of choice
    I’ve been playing around a bit and haven’t fully enrolled myself into University quite yet. I need to catch up on the courses I need and get my tush moving!
  • Change relationship status…?
    This is more of a passive resolution than a active one (I think? lol) but I’m a hopelessly romantic fool who can’t stop fantasizing lol.
  • Get full drivers licence
    Make that final jump past the hurdle that lets me drive with a minimum amount of alcohol in my blood. hahahaha I want to get a international drivers license eventually tooo!
  • Finish studio time for…
    Pfffbt, as if I’ll tell….Let’s see what comes out if anything comes out lah lah lah..

I guess the list can jus go on and on if you let it eh? heh ah well, that’s pretty much it. I hope to be really busy this year to get a lot done, so wish me luck with it (as I know I’ll need it to get my procrastinating butt into shape…literaly? hahaha) 😀
It’s only roughly three hours remainting in the new year from the eastern timezone, so the countdown is slowly ticking away. yay!
Tell me what some of your new years reolutions are, and why? I’m really cuious to know what my readers are thinking. 😀

oh…another one:

    I think this goes without saying, ne?

Happy New Years everyone! Good luck with whatever you hope for in 2008!
Ike! Ike! Ja!

First kiss tells all?

December 14, 2007 at 10:02 pm | Posted in Boys, Girls | 7 Comments

A while back one of my friends linked me to a forum which had an ongoing conversation about First kisses that tell all. It was a question for the ladies, more specifically, does the first kiss tell them all they need to know about the future/sex life?
Now, I’ll be honest. This kind of thing scares the bejeezus outta me. Like its not bad enough we guys have to worry about first impressions, catching her eye or hell even jus TALKING to her…now we have to worry about making that kiss magical enough for a return engagement?! -_-; To top it off, some of them are also reading into how the sexual life will be? All from a first kiss? Seriously ladies, we’ll give you all the magic you want, but let us experience it too :s (and not jus the nervracking tension leading up to and after the exam awaiting the results).

Track Change: DJ Jurgen – Higher & Higher (DJ Skribble and Anthony Acid Remix)

What sort of kiss IS this first kiss supposed to be? Does this mean everytime we want to swoop someone off their feet we have to start forcing our tongue down her throat? gak! no! Or maye it’s jus a simple peck on the lips with a smile to leave her wanting more? Hmmm, really it all depends on the lady in question don’t you think? So now we have to researcch what kind of person she is? Well that great, cause we were all great researcher’s in highschool and uni when it came to projects…so of course this will be nothing. Wait, i think they call it stalking when you do it to a person…

Track Change: The Chemical Brothers (Push the Button) – Galvanize

Now I’m all for romance and the pursuit of it…don’t get me wron, but the thought of jumping that many hurdles is exhausting enough. lol
But the most frightening element of all this? A group of ladies got together at a forum and started comparing all their First Kiss moments and have conversations about them! in PUBLIC!

Now here is a interesting question: What about the guys? What is it that WE look for in regards to a return engagement after a up-close and personal? We all have our own thing, but the general major concensus?

Now that Christmas is getting near, keep an eye out for that mistletoe. Cause you never know, all jokes aside. She may jus want more…(or leave you out to dry…LOL)

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