First kiss tells all?

December 14, 2007 at 10:02 pm | Posted in Boys, Girls | 7 Comments

A while back one of my friends linked me to a forum which had an ongoing conversation about First kisses that tell all. It was a question for the ladies, more specifically, does the first kiss tell them all they need to know about the future/sex life?
Now, I’ll be honest. This kind of thing scares the bejeezus outta me. Like its not bad enough we guys have to worry about first impressions, catching her eye or hell even jus TALKING to her…now we have to worry about making that kiss magical enough for a return engagement?! -_-; To top it off, some of them are also reading into how the sexual life will be? All from a first kiss? Seriously ladies, we’ll give you all the magic you want, but let us experience it too :s (and not jus the nervracking tension leading up to and after the exam awaiting the results).

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What sort of kiss IS this first kiss supposed to be? Does this mean everytime we want to swoop someone off their feet we have to start forcing our tongue down her throat? gak! no! Or maye it’s jus a simple peck on the lips with a smile to leave her wanting more? Hmmm, really it all depends on the lady in question don’t you think? So now we have to researcch what kind of person she is? Well that great, cause we were all great researcher’s in highschool and uni when it came to projects…so of course this will be nothing. Wait, i think they call it stalking when you do it to a person…

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Now I’m all for romance and the pursuit of it…don’t get me wron, but the thought of jumping that many hurdles is exhausting enough. lol
But the most frightening element of all this? A group of ladies got together at a forum and started comparing all their First Kiss moments and have conversations about them! in PUBLIC!

Now here is a interesting question: What about the guys? What is it that WE look for in regards to a return engagement after a up-close and personal? We all have our own thing, but the general major concensus?

Now that Christmas is getting near, keep an eye out for that mistletoe. Cause you never know, all jokes aside. She may jus want more…(or leave you out to dry…LOL)



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  1. Meh, never been kissed. But judging everything on the first kiss seems really shallow and just plain stupid, like something you’d hear out of ‘Sex and the City’ or ‘Friends’ (no offense, kudo. :p)

  2. Been kissed many times, but they all felt the same to me I guess…Of course it feels better when a guy you actually like is kissing you 😛
    Eh, Kudou? 😉

  3. OMG! Rikku, I didn’t know kudo was gay! 😮 :p

  4. Looking at how US culture is moving, many “first kisses” are when they are between 12 and 16…and getting younger by the years. I think that these women that you observed in that conversation may have been older women who had the opportunity to enjoy a special first kiss that was not simply “I want to get in your pants.”

    In my opinion, don’t work to make it magical. A first kiss should be like any other kiss: honest, true, and comfortable for both. Let the magic come with the moment. Work too hard to set a tone, and chances are it will blow up in your face.

    In my second opinion, you should not be kissing a guy/girl if you are not in the business of starting something long-lasting. You are wasting your time otherwise and only creating a bond, magical or not, that should not be there unless [s]he sees something valuable in you.

    P.S. Sashiburi, Kudou. Ore wa Kimi ni shindeshimattan da to omou yo…>_>

  5. What about the guys? What is it that WE look for in regards to a return engagement after a up-close and personal? We all have our own thing, but the general major concensus?video converter reviews

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