kibikibi!! (きびきび!!): onomatopoeia for speedy, vigorous, energetic, brisk, lively

So I’ve decided to pull away from the rest of my icl/irl part and start a blog documenting my more crazier side. But more specificly, to document each step towards going to Japan (and everywhere else, as I plan to explore the WORLD eventually!) ^_^

No, i’m NOT an otaku. Well, not as hardcore as many out there anyways. Even before Anime/J-Pop was known to me I had this facination with that culture that not only until recently was war torn and crippled. The language came pretty clean to me, since its very similar to my language in grammar and speech. Since my language has over two hundred letters in its alphabet, i had some unfair advantages. :p

Expect a moderate play-by-play of my steps towards Japan and (for some reason) crazy things that tend to happen in my life.

Also, Anime and Music Reviews will also be added later as I see fit, more like when i watch/listen to them. Ah, and perhaps some small tutorials of how to speak/read/write Tamil too, as I’ve gotten some requests for that in the past. lol)

Cryptography is also an aspect of which this blog was created for, so expect some posts and tutorials on the subject.

So till then, ‘lata!



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  1. Hey you! I’m the first one to comment….it seems….

  2. nope, not quite :p
    just the first to comment on the About page. :p

  3. I am slowly learning japanese, and I wish to one day go there as well, I like you, we are similar in some ways 😀

  4. okinawa is the place to go, have fun

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