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Well, that jus… plains sucks. gak! no!

I have a MotoMing (a1200), so i frequently visit that site often. A lot of good info and tips on how to work ANY moto phone.

Hopefully they’ll come up again soon. smile!

But until then, if anyone has any questions or how-to’s (like connection settings for carriers, installing programs, etc…) regarding the Motorola A1200 (Ming), leave me a comment with e-mail and I’ll get back to you asap. yay!


Edit: Well, is back up and running no but my offer to help you guys is still there. As some have requested help already. But check out the site (registration required to post) and ask your question, if you get no reply…then I’ll see what I can do. smile!


japanforum/job searching

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So I got a mod upgrade to my status on this forum that I regular on a day to day basis. It’s kind of cool. I can finaly clean up the random spam and double posts that I kept seeing everywhere. Hope that goes well without any drama like in other forums (urgh, you know what I’m talking about). check it out if you have time: – Forum for Japanese Pop Culture Anime and Life

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I’m applying for a job as an office assistant at a private investigators office. It’s so exciting too! I hope I get it, it would rock in so many ways. Especially snice I want to eventualy follow a career somewhat linking to this.
Cross your fingers!!

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