Stalemate…A new beginning

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I finally finished watching the end of GTO drama, when I realized I’m in a stalemate with my life. How the hell does that have anything with GTO, you might ask. It has to do with some dreams I had when I was about 14 about going to Japan @ that age and attending school.
10 months ago I finally decided to work for money, learn the Japanese language more and go to Japan for a few months.
Well, it’s ten months later, I’m 22 (as of last month) and nowhere near those aspirations.
I’m in the young prime of my life and I have nothing to show for it. -_-;
I worked for those ten months, but the money basicaly went to paying the mortage for my parents (they can’t do it on their own as it is).

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I made this blog to get me more motivated and to joy one advancement to the other, but that massively failed…lol
So here I am now, with some newfound awakening to my life. This time, I hope to keep it alive much longer. 😀
I’m going to restart my blog too (the old posts will remain, I jus won’t be answering comments from them or looking through them), actually start blogging stuff. A lot of interesting stuff always gaporna, I jus never had the time to write it up (that or lazy lol).
Once I get my hands on either the Nokia E90 or HTC Kaiser it will be more frequent too.
Nokia E90HTC Kaiser
I’m typing this post from my BlackBerry Pearl and it’s killing me urgh. I’ll try to post something every other day or so, ‘lata!


kwix Update #01

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Urgh, I’m being so lazy as of late. There are a few posts that I have to get done; like the crypto-answer, DeathNote follow-up, YouTube video I found interesting, PSP stuff… The list goes on, really. gak! no! I’m working these nine hour shifts at my work five days a week now, from three to midnight. So I usually come home and collapse, and wake up just in time to eat some food and an hour to spare before heading out again. sad I gotta get a timeline together so I can better get USE of my time. So tired nowadays from lack of sleep…sleepy

So what do you guys think of this new layout for the blog? Like the older one better? Or stick with this for the holiday Season? Frankly, I’m not too fond of the widgets being stuck in the bottom of the page. I would have loved it so much more if they were on the right side as usual. lol, but that may be because I’m used to it being there. But the bottom? >_>….it’s workable though, so meh.

WOW! Theres more then 10,000+ hits on this blog according to!!! yay!That’s crazy guys! Thanks so much for coming by and taking a look around. I think it was the DeathNote content that reeled you guys in, I’m glad I can be of service to that many people. smile!

So quick update for those of you who missed it:
• Theres the first DeathNote movie for download in english (Hi/lo quality)
• MP3 for Manatsu no Yoru no Yume is now available

Both are in their respective posts. So just scroll down, or got o the very bottom and click on the post in ‘Recent Posts’.

Well, that’s it for now. I promise I’ll get right on the other things soon. I’m also in the makes of a PSP game, so keep your eyes peeled for that in the future. ^^ ‘lata!

japanforum/job searching

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So I got a mod upgrade to my status on this forum that I regular on a day to day basis. It’s kind of cool. I can finaly clean up the random spam and double posts that I kept seeing everywhere. Hope that goes well without any drama like in other forums (urgh, you know what I’m talking about). check it out if you have time: – Forum for Japanese Pop Culture Anime and Life

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I’m applying for a job as an office assistant at a private investigators office. It’s so exciting too! I hope I get it, it would rock in so many ways. Especially snice I want to eventualy follow a career somewhat linking to this.
Cross your fingers!!

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