Yaoi Invasion

November 13, 2006 at 2:17 pm | Posted in Anime, Boys, deviantArt, Gay, Girls, Images, Liberal, Manga, Naruto, Political, Shoujo, Yaoi | 4 Comments

So what is it about Yaoi? I mean, at first glance, its just art and stuff that has to do with male love. Ok, so they’re gay. But that’s nothing new is it? So why suddenly in the past few years has an explosive of yaoi just spewed out? (lol, couldn’t help myself ). A subliminal counter-wave to the HLA mentality that’s been floating around for years?

No seriously though, its everywhere! deviantArt and 4chan have been notorious for this (along with a few other things actually). A simple Google Image search of a Gundum Wing character will spit out a page full of logo’s, portraits, screenshots…and whats this? Heero and Quatre yaoi? Actually…there’s a fair bit of these two on here…o_o omg what are they doing!? [exit tab].

But that’s nothing; I stumbled upon tons of SasuNaru art. I’m talking megabytes upon megabytes upon Naruto upon Sasuke megabytes of Sasuke and Naruto art. The worst part? The one that I saw the other day…it looked good! Omg, Sora Omote

SasuNaru By Your Side by Kaze Hime
SasuNaru By Your Side by Kaze Hime

SasuNaru by Suteki Takahashi
SasuNaru by Suteki Takahashi

Now, don’t take me the wrong way (don’t like being held upside down). I’m Liberal (so obviously I’m gay right? [rolls eyes]) on many standards including Gay Marriage. Did I also mention that I strongly (notice the double underlines) believe in equality PERIOD. Not just of the sexes and rights, but everything including knowledge. It’s the only way I believe we could ever progress as a race of Humans. But that’s a whole another post.
Yaoi. It seems its here to stay. Yeah…ok. But do the guys have to be super shoujo all the time? You girls (and some guys) have to give us a break, before that inferiority complex kicks in.


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