New Years Splaz!

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So there I am reading a Manga, More Kare, laughing and wondering whats gonna happen next; when it hits me that I haven’t made a traditional blogger’s entry about New Years!
Thus, here I am. Stopping everything and thinking of what to throw in before the wee hours run out on me. Roughly FOUR hours to go! WHOOO! (I say this as i sit on my tush miles away from any celebration what-so-ever. _|¯|o it’s depressing. 😦

Quite a bit happened this past year, but I’m not going to go into details as a simple search of “Year in review 2007” gets you about 75 million hits. But take a click and see for yourself, what you missed and what you remember.

Isn’t it funny how ppl start looking back on what they’ve accomplished in the year only when the nexy one is around the corner? People make resolutions, mostly in an attempt in hopes of what they’ll accomplish. Somewhat like a dream, but on a smaller scale one step at a time. But how much of it do they cross off? How many times have you made a list of things you want to do in the coming year, only to realize at the end of it…you had forgotten about them altogether? I’d be lieing if I said I wasn’t one of them. lol
A lot of times, it’s due to some unrealistic dreams and aspirations they jot down in haste, ad they realize the truth and fluster it off when they don’t come close to finishing it. But wait, this time…take a moment. Think about what you really want to get done. Be realistic, is what I’m saying…

AAAAND, on that note: I should put what *I* want to get done this year (in regards to the blog and general) :D.

Bog related:

    —_____— though this may be a bit unrealistic from what history shows…
  • Crypto of the Week
    Once a week do a crypto puzzle or entry about as I originaly intended to do with this blog
  • Kanji of the Week
    Once a week do a Kanji letter of the day or such as I’ve been getting questions about why I never went through with it…ahem
  • Incorporate a Audio blog
    I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now. To do some audio blog entries while I’m out. A lot happens when I’m out, but I don’t always write about them when I come home and sit in front of the box. lol. You guys probably noticed how much less I talk about compared to the first couple, lah
  • Geek week in review
    I’ve had this idea to do a technological look in what’s new at the end of each week. Cause not all of us have time to keep up to date day to day
  • Lots more…
    I have lots more ideas, but it would ruin it if i spille dit all out right? :p Expect more. And if you have any suggestions youd like to see, e-mail me!!

Ok, now some New Year Resolutions for myself (in no specific order)

    Oi oi, it’s not that much..and if I’m not mistaken, the dots on the right have increased if anything. lol
  • Get back into Swimming, Tennis and Mystery sport
    I’ve been wanting to get back into them, but I was using the weight issue as an excuse…:p I want to get back into them though, I miss sweating up a storm after a good workout. 😀
  • Take advanced Japanese classes
    A five year old could out-talk me right now. No seriously, I’m so out of the language barrier, I may need to go back to basics. :s If I’m ever to go to Tokyo U like I wanted to, I need to brsh up quick time lol
  • Make a million dollars
    Hahaha, talk about realistic dreams eh? Ok, but you get the point, I need to save up a lot of money to plan for the future…so lah,
  • Enroll into the Post-secondary school of choice
    I’ve been playing around a bit and haven’t fully enrolled myself into University quite yet. I need to catch up on the courses I need and get my tush moving!
  • Change relationship status…?
    This is more of a passive resolution than a active one (I think? lol) but I’m a hopelessly romantic fool who can’t stop fantasizing lol.
  • Get full drivers licence
    Make that final jump past the hurdle that lets me drive with a minimum amount of alcohol in my blood. hahahaha I want to get a international drivers license eventually tooo!
  • Finish studio time for…
    Pfffbt, as if I’ll tell….Let’s see what comes out if anything comes out lah lah lah..

I guess the list can jus go on and on if you let it eh? heh ah well, that’s pretty much it. I hope to be really busy this year to get a lot done, so wish me luck with it (as I know I’ll need it to get my procrastinating butt into shape…literaly? hahaha) 😀
It’s only roughly three hours remainting in the new year from the eastern timezone, so the countdown is slowly ticking away. yay!
Tell me what some of your new years reolutions are, and why? I’m really cuious to know what my readers are thinking. 😀

oh…another one:

    I think this goes without saying, ne?

Happy New Years everyone! Good luck with whatever you hope for in 2008!
Ike! Ike! Ja!


All Hallows Eve!

October 31, 2006 at 6:45 pm | Posted in Halloween, Movies, Music, Nightlife | 2 Comments

Halloween bgUrgh! No parties. No friends over. Nothing. This hallowe’en really sucks. But i refuse to let myself get blown down on the eve of fright and cripes. So I’m gonna pop in a movie. The Omen. Or The Exorcist.
Oh, heres a game to keep some of you busy for a while if you need somehting to do:

All Hallows Eve Flash Game

And Some music playlists to keep you busy:
[MP3] The Automatic – Monster
[MP3] Band of Horses – Monsters
[MP3] DangerDoom – The Mask
[MP3] DJ Shadow – Giving Up the Ghost
[MP3] Gnarls Barkley – The Boogie Monster
[MP3] The Heartless Bastards – Searching For the Ghost
[MP3] I Am Kloot – Gods and Monsters
[MP3] I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness – The Ghost
[MP3] Longwave – Ghosts Around You
[MP3] Matt Pond PA – Halloween
[MP3] Of Montreal – October is Eternal
[MP3] Onelinedrawing – A Ghost
[MP3] Portastatic – Registered Ghost
[MP3] Ryan Adams – Halloween
[MP3] Ryan Adams – I See Monsters
[MP3] Say Hi To Your Mom – I Think I’ll Be a Good Ghost
[MP3] Sound Team – Movie Monster
[MP3] Sparklehorse – Ghost in the Sky
[MP3] Ted Leo & The Pharmacists – I’m a Ghost
[MP3] Tegan & Sara – Walking With A Ghost


KoreanBBQ/CALORIES!!/Bar(on a MONDAY?!)/last bus/rain

October 21, 2006 at 4:16 pm | Posted in Nightlife, rant, tis another blog, Weather | 3 Comments

Reading – Beast by Donna Jo Napoli
Drinking – MUGS Root Beer
Currently Listening to – [No music]

Sorry for the absence of posts recently. So much happened and I’ve been crazily busy. Today Will be a longer then usual post, lol, so you better get some tea and snacks. :p

Yeah I don’t even know why, but I ended up at a bar drinking on a Monday night with some friends. Originally we were meeting up since we haven’t seen each other in a few months. Had a mini party at a Korean BBQ place (too bad it wasn’t a buffet though…probably a blessing in disguise since I’m trying to loose weight. ;_;), then we marched around in the nightlife of the city for a while and finally (how they came to it, I haven’t a clue) decided it would be a good idea to stop into a Coffee and Cake-house for a snack.
Now, for those that don’t know what this is…Its basicly a bakery that serves nothing but cakes and coffee/tea. Personally, I think walking into these places is by itself a sin. You can never walk out without collecting a few hundred calorie points…and something in a doggie bag. Yet, here we are as a group of eight people…eight people around 18 to 21 years old.

Nothing good was going to come out of this.

So two kinds of cheesecake’s, a double chocolate slice and cup of green tea later…I was looking for that blessing again. I got abandoned. I’m going to calorie hell.

At this point the group had to split up, it was getting late and exam time for some of them. So we saw them off at the bus station and wandered around for a bit more. There was only four of us left at this point, so I assumed we would break up since it was getting late too.

I was so wrong.

One of them suggested going to a bar and just chat for a while. It was only about 10PM so the other two agreed and I went along, really I had nothing much to do anyways.

We got to a bar that one of them was familiar with and order a pitcher of Alexander Keith’s. But we soon discovered that it only held enough for three pints! So we had to re-pour into four cups until it was even. LOL. It was so depressing.

An hour later they decided to go to walk around a bit. Then pop into another bar.

WTF?! These guys are so….well…drunkards. Two different bars in one night…and a Monday of all days. hahaha, i got pretty hungry though…so I ordered eighteen hot wings. I KNOW! CALORIES! SHUSH!!! Oh, and also a pitcher of another Beer. xD I don’t even know what beer. I jus drank and ate. I think at this point I’d given up hope on saving myself from calorie hell.

What a great start to a new week. ;_; I had a feeling it wasn’t going to get better at this rate.

So there’s this one crazy girl in our group of four. She loves drinking. She lives bars. She loves clubs. Guess who suggested going to a bar…twice. While you’re at it, guess where she wanted to go next…yeah…a club. AND THEY ALL AGREED!

Now, I should tell you that I don’t actually live in the same city as them per se. I live on the outskirts of Toronto. So it takes me a good two hours to get here, and another two to go back. While on that note, its already 12AM. I have to take the bus back. But the last bus leaves at 1:30AM, so they convinced me to stay a little longer.

I GOT CARDED!!! I mean, i’m legal age. But I’ve NEVER been carded! Not even when I bought smokes back in the day! I got carded at a no-cover club on a monday night, of all things. Yeah i look young for my age…but I loved that i never got carded. Ah well. The bouncer (he was white…and skinny. I’m sorry…I could have mugged him if I wanted. no racial slurs intended. ^^) looked like he was pissed off too, so we jus tip-toed up the stairs to the floor.

There was a grand total of approximately twenty people there. They were all kind of freaky actually…some were almost 30 and above. I wasn’t really feeling the beat either. My drunkard friend decided to order another pint of beer. I can see how her future will play out already. lol.

It started raining when we got out, nothing but a drizzle at first. We managed to get to the station in time for the last train. We had split up since two of us were going in the opposite direction. I got stuck with the crazy drunkard girl. I called her that too, she laughed out loud (lol’d? lawl’d? lawled? xD) and agreed. So I have no guilt for calling her that.Getting off at my terminal I found that my bus had already left. I MISSED IT BY 10 MINUTES!!! OMG! @_@;

Have you ever been stuck in a bus terminal after hours? There are some crazy creepy people there. One guy was drunk off his…butt. Asking me for directions on how to get home. I kind sympathized and went to a map and told him how.

I have to learn how to say NO to people. Major character flaw. Good thing I’m not a girl. xD I’m kidding I’m kidding…:p

Well, after getting the drunk guy on his way (lucky bastards bus was a 24hr one) I ran to the remaining transit operator and asked if there was another way to get home. I ran into an Angel. He told me I have to go to another terminal from there and take a bus and transfer. [GLEE GLEE GLEE! ^__^] I hugged him and ran off towards the trains. I wonder what was going through his mind…a 21 year old male hugging him. @_X

It’s almost 2AM and I realized that the Toronto Bus will take me where i need to go, but the MARKHAM BUS WASN’T RUNNING ANYMORE AT THE TRANSFER POINT!!! NOOO! OMG!!!!

I was screwed. I can get to the outskirts, but the Markham city busline is what i need to take me home the final stretch. Urgh. It’s like a two hours walk from there to my house. After much contemplation, I called a friend who lived nearby there if i can crash at his place. Bastard was a sleep. He has one of those live voice messages, so you hear when I’m saying as it records. I left some disturbing voice messages i think. He picked up after the ninth message.

The bastard moved. He doesn’t live anywhere near there anymore. In fact, he lives farther then i do.

God hates me. He fattened me up, and left me to die.

Oh, but then my friend calls me back and tells me he remembered his old place isn’t sold yet, and gave me the combo for the door…(TELL ME THAT SOONER YOU PRICK!!!! I WAS STANDING IN THE FREEZING RAIN!!!).

Arriving at his place (i had to walk for another drenching 15min from the bus stop to his house)…I find there is no working gas line. So i’m freezing from the rain and the coldness the house has accumulated from the night, wen i find a heater stuffed away in the closet.


After intense silent prayers for the electricity to be working, i was so out of my mind i didn’t realize i flicked on the light switches…duh, electricity), I got the heater working. I found the smallest room i can and closed the door and put it on full blast. It was 3AM. By 3:10AM i was out cold.

It felt so good to wake up in that warm room. It was beautiful. Though i needed a shower, too bad there wasn’t working gas to get hot water. But meh, it was warm in the room. I open the window and look out…


The walk to the bus stop was so depressing.

Getting off the bus in markham, the transfer point has no bus shelter. It was still pouring rain. I’m actually startin to shiver at this point. A whole forty-five minutes standing alone against a post with no nearby shelter. My MP3 Player died on me too. It’s a good thing kame-sama hasn’t forgotten me. -__-;

The bus finally came and I was getting optimistic…until i realized i had a twenty minute walk from the bus stop to my house.

My last thoughts as i trudged my way home…“Bar on a monday night…never again.”

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