Stalemate…A new beginning

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I finally finished watching the end of GTO drama, when I realized I’m in a stalemate with my life. How the hell does that have anything with GTO, you might ask. It has to do with some dreams I had when I was about 14 about going to Japan @ that age and attending school.
10 months ago I finally decided to work for money, learn the Japanese language more and go to Japan for a few months.
Well, it’s ten months later, I’m 22 (as of last month) and nowhere near those aspirations.
I’m in the young prime of my life and I have nothing to show for it. -_-;
I worked for those ten months, but the money basicaly went to paying the mortage for my parents (they can’t do it on their own as it is).

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I made this blog to get me more motivated and to joy one advancement to the other, but that massively failed…lol
So here I am now, with some newfound awakening to my life. This time, I hope to keep it alive much longer. 😀
I’m going to restart my blog too (the old posts will remain, I jus won’t be answering comments from them or looking through them), actually start blogging stuff. A lot of interesting stuff always gaporna, I jus never had the time to write it up (that or lazy lol).
Once I get my hands on either the Nokia E90 or HTC Kaiser it will be more frequent too.
Nokia E90HTC Kaiser
I’m typing this post from my BlackBerry Pearl and it’s killing me urgh. I’ll try to post something every other day or so, ‘lata!


DeathNote Last name almost done uploading…

March 11, 2007 at 5:24 pm | Posted in tis another blog | 14 Comments

So, its as the header reads…I have a RMVB version of the second movie which i have almost finished uploading to sendspace. Yeah, thats a Real player format, but don’t flame it. Its rather good quality compared to our favorite AVI extension. The file size is smaller than the AVI equivalent too, but it holds almost good a quality as AVI. I think its a good version to hold up here for you guys.

Now, that being said, some of you have posted link to other torrents/sites/uploaders of the movie. I can’t vouch for the quality or whether it has english subs of these movies. So, if any of you have downloaded these…please give me some feedback on them so I can put them up here.

Yes, my version DOES have english subs on it…they are hardsubbed. I’ll have them up for download when sendspace finshed uploading…sleepy


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I feel I owe everyone who’s come here an apology. My last real post was way before the New Year came around, and I haven’t posted anythign since. Neither have I really done anything since then in regards to requests and such. It’s been really busy on my side of the world, and it hasn’t really spared me much time even for social gathers of the sort.

I do have plans for this blog, its just a shame I’m not finding the time to do it all.pyong eyeing

I’ve begun writing some new songs to record, I think you’ll like them. It’ll all be self done and basicly solo, so don’t get too excited about it. gak! no!
I think I’ve actually gained more weight then I had wanted to loose. So i’m in the RED (as you can see on the right). sad
I’m also lagging terribly with my cryptograpy section. (i.e., non-existant at this time). I’m trying to fill in the requests people are asking for, but it’s kind of hard. lol. esp when doing so, kind makes this blog look..well…random and miscellaneous.

Well, not much else to say. I’m planning on a few posts within the week. So hold still and wait for those. I’ll be trying my best to get back into rhythm and keep the pace.

So till then, ‘lata!

Kingdom Hearts AMV/PSP

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Ok, this is really cool. omg check it out

Kingdom Hearts – Inner Universe by Origa
(Also known as Ghost In the Shell Opening Theme No.1)

I really need to get Kingdon Hearts. gak! no! I’ve yet to play it, and it looks soo sweet. Oh, I might be getting a white PSP this friday. Two offers from people for my Video iPod 30GB. One is version 1.5, the other is 1.82. I want the 1.5 one (fr obvious reasons lol) but I think i might be so desperate for a white psp that I might actually go with the 2.82 guy. It all depends on whether the girl selling the 1.5 psp decides to or not on friday. -_- are you finding that girls make you wait for everything as well? its not jus dates…I swear, its like you all have this genetic coding instructing you to take your time with men. (lol, actually, theres some good advice there i think. LOL)

Do you guys know if there’s a Kingdom Hearts version for PSP? I keep hearing about it, but can never find anything. Any words?


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