MotoMing (A1200)

This is all I have for now…as I find more I will put
it up…


Internet Setting for Cingular
Profile Name: Cingular
GPRS setting:
APN: wap.cingular
Time Out: Off
Primary Gateway IP:
Port: 9201
Secondary Gateway IP:
Port: 0
CSD setting:BLANK
Dial in number: NONE
Query at Logon: (NO CHECK MARK)
User Name:
Baud Rate: Auto
Line Type: ISDN
Time Out: Off
DNS Server:

Then go to your browser and enter the following settings:
Profile Name: MEdia Net
Homepage: device.home
Network Link: Cingular
MMS Settings:
Profile Name: MMS over HTTP
MMSC: http : // (No Spaces)
Max Sending Size: 30K
Network Profile: Cingular

Internet Setting T-Mobile
T-MobileWeb Settings:
Primary IP Address:
Secondary IP Address: (Blank)
Access Point Name (APN):
Data Bearer: GPRS
Profile Name: GPRS
Username: (Blank)
Password: (Blank)
Home Page:
Picture Messaging Settings:
Multi-Media Service Center (MMSC) Address:
Validity Period: 72 hours
Hide ID option (if option exists): set to off, no, or disabled

Internet Setting FIDO
Profile name: FidoWAP
GPRS setting:
Username: fido
Password: fido
Timeout: 15 minutes
Primary Gateway IP:
Port 8080
Secondary Gateway IP: (blank)
Port: (blank)
DNS Server: (unchecked)
CSD Setting:
Dial in number: (blank)
Query at logon: (unchecked)
Username: (blank)
Password: (blank)
Baud Rate: Auto
Line type: Modem
Timeout: Off
DNS server: (unchecked)
Then press Save.
To get MMS working (what I haven’t included are the blanks and all boxes should
be unchecked unless specified)
Setup–>Data Network
Profile Name: Fido MMS
Username: fido
Password: fido
Timeout: 15 minutes
Primary Gateway IP:
Port: 8080
Baud Rate: Auto
Line type: Modem
Timeout: off
Then click SAVE.
Messages–>Service Setup–>Multimedia Message
Default profile: FidoMMS
(all other settings are to your preference)
Tap the box beside Default Profile and ensure that FidoMMS is the default profile.
Settings for MMS profile goes
Profile name: FidoMMS
Max Sending Size: (your preference)
Network Profile: Fido MMS

Internet Setting Rogers
Proxy Name: Rogers MMS
Proxy Address:
Access Point: Rogers MMS
Home: ((Set whatever page you like here))
Port Number: 8080
Authentication Type: HTTP-BASIC
User Name: media
Password: mda01
Access Point Name: Rogers MMS
Authentication Type: PAP
User Name: media
Password: mda01
DNS: <>
Linger Time: 180
MMS Accounts (Main Menu -> Messaging -> Messaging Settings -> MMS Settings)
Profile Name: Rogers MMS
Proxy: Rogers MMS
Relay Server URL:


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  1. still wont work with all the rigth config, talk to tmobile & motorola there saying its the hong kong models mine has firmware 53P. Dial WWW008W on your dial pad to see your firmware. They said I need to change my firmware by flashing to fix this problem. I can send mms i just cant recieve, sucks. let me know if you find a fix for this problem.

  2. jephroxs wrote on a carboncopy page:

    Hey i had the same problem tried all the different config. on the web that ive found and still nothing works. I could send mms but i cant recieve. I also noticed the same thing when you save the settings to ISDN it goes back to modem, i dont know if that’s the problem. I talk to a couple reps in T-Mobile and USA Motorola they said it may have to do with what kind of software you have in your ming, if the phone came from hong kong and the software ends with 53P that might be the problem. If you type WWW008W on your phones dial pad you will be able to find your software. Oh yeah go to your dial pad hit menu insert, tap insert wait, that makes the W, do the same step to get all the W’s. If the first set of numbers end with a .53P then you might have to change your software by flashing it. Thats what they told me that motorola told them was the problem with HONG KONG A1200 mings. The software on the phone cant accept tmobile MMS, which really sucks. I tried it with a Different A1200 Ming with software 44P still the same thing, my guess all the A1200 that was manufactured in Honk Kong have this problem. Let me know if you find a way fixs this problem.

    Originally Posted by Soulkeeper
    Now, I have been looking online about the T-Mobile issue with the Motorola A1200 Ming and receiving picture messages. Most of the websites I have visited have the same settings but none has work for me. One thing I have noticed is that no one has mention one detail that is happening to me…. and I’m not sure if this is part of the reason why it doesn’t get to work.

    Anyways, so far this are the settings I have used

    Network Profile
    Goto Menu > Setup > Data Network > Profile > Edit (if you want to edit the current profile) or New (if you want to create a new one)
    Profile Name: TMobile (is up to you what name to choose)
    Timeout: 15 Minutes
    Primary IP (some people use 050 on the last set
    which is the same than just 50)
    Port: 8080
    Baud Rate: 9600
    Line Type: ISDN

    Save everything
    *The rest of the options on the profile stay blank

    MMS PRofile
    Goto your Messages > Service Setup > Multimedia Message > Click on the Folder icon under Default Pofile and create a new MMS Profile

    Profile Name: TMobile MMS (is up to you what name to choose)
    MMSC: (now on a website
    someone mention to replace http:// by MMSC: looking
    like this MMSC: which
    didn’t work for me whether I left the space between
    MMSC: and 216 or without the space MMSC:216)
    Max Sending Size: 200k (no other size available
    Network Profile: TMobile (or however you named it)

  3. x

  4. I’ve done all the configuration for FIDO and I am still not able to use the browser or send MMS’s. I was wondering if maybe it was because of my network settings. Rogers has bought Fido so although I have a Fido phone I am on Roger’s network. Does that then mean I should have done a Rogers internet configuration on my phone?

  5. Thanks for the info. I am able to setup MMS to work on Fido.

    Meanwhile, my Internet setting is not WAP…..

    I use:

    Username: fido
    Password: fido
    Timeout: 15 minutes
    Primary Gateway IP:
    Port 0
    Secondary Gateway IP: (blank)
    Port: (blank)
    DNS Server: (unchecked)
    CSD Setting:
    Dial in number: (blank)
    Query at logon: (unchecked)
    Username: (blank)
    Password: (blank)
    Baud Rate: Auto
    Line type: Modem
    Timeout: Off
    DNS server: (unchecked)

  6. The Cingular settings work perfectly. Thanks so much!

  7. The FIDO work like a charm, thanks

  8. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!! FIDO worked perfectly. I bought the phone of someone who could not set up the rogers network. When I purchased it, I was told don’t even bother with trying to set up the internet. It just does not work.. Well my persistence paid off thanks to you!!!

  9. i tred this over and over for t mobile internet if someone knows how to do it can you break it down step by step how to do it that would really help i tried like 10 times and it always cant connect i just want the internet on my phone plz help…….

  10. OK for those that are having problems with T-Mobile here’s 2 options you should try & report back if it doesn’t work.

    1. The default:
    ( remove http:// ) and try it w/o it.

    2. Try #1 & check box that says “Show My Number”
    Uncheck box that says “Allow Delivery Report”

    Try a combination of both & see which one works for your FW. I’m using a A1200E with different FW & they all fail if I don’t do the above.

  11. Yes! I do have the same problem.
    I also got in touch with Motorola. My Mobile Server got all done on their end. Unfortunately as I got to talk more to Motorola on the A1200e model, I was explained to that this Motoming is not for use in Australia and there for no provisions are being made to have this particular Mobile intigrated with Australian Servers. In My case Telstra.
    I am not sure if there is some manual configuration to overcome this?
    Now you know the reason at least as to why your MMS function does not work.
    In the mean time; I will see what else I can come up with. For me” The MMS function is not a MUST HAVE issue and I can do easily without it.
    But” It be nice to use it for fun every now and then.
    Cheers” Ray

  12. I tried all Rogers info and still no internet!!! it just tries to connect for a long time then nothing! I don’t see the 53P for my firmware, but i know this is a Hong Kong phone! HELP@@!!

  13. anyone ever have any problems with there bluetooth?

  14. Each time I open my browser it says continue interrupted downloading due to which i could not download anything jelp me out to fix it

  15. place give this problem solution of continue interrupted download ?
    pls send answer in my mail id.

  16. i want the settings of CSD in my motoming a1200 and i want the settings which used in Pakistan and plz tell me something abtCSD?PLZ

  17. how to know whthr the mobile of tmobile,fido,cingular or fudo plz tl me at my num 03234411139

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