con·fes·sion (kən-fĕsh’ən) pronunciation

  1. The act or process of confessing.
  2. Something confessed, especially disclosure of one’s sins to a priest for absolution.
  3. A written or oral statement acknowledging guilt, made by one who has been accused or charged with an offense.
  4. An avowal of belief in the doctrines of a particular faith; a creed.
  5. A church or group of worshipers adhering to a specific creed.

Sometimes we do things we’re not proud of. See and hear things we choose to ignore. Betray a trust. Ignore a plea for help. Spread a nasty rumor. But whatever it is, our conscience gets the best of us eventually.

Free yourself a little bit and get it off your chest. In any language, go ahead and get it all out and tell the world what’s guilting you. No matter how stupid it may seem, don’t hold back. Anonymously or not, its up to you. Tell the world of your confession or story. Please be honest.

No ones here to judge, nor have the right to.
Open up, get it all off.


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  1. i told my roommates 16 year old girlfriend who had an abortion “who am i to judge? you’re cooler than me, you’ve killed someone and i havent”

    i also told my best friend at the time, who was put off by his sick aunt living at his house, “well hopefully the cancer goes terminal”

    2 days after her best friend committed suicide, i told a girl from my work who badly wanted me, “if i was your friend, i’d kill myself too”

    after a girl found out i had been seeing 3 or 4 other girls the entire 4 months we dated, she told me “i had sex with a random guy lastnight” and my response was “cool now your next date will be with a coat hanger.”

    one time i asked an indian with a malcolm x jacket on “is that a target?”

  2. I left to fight in the war in Iraq. I wrote my girlfriend every day I could and called her whenever a chance arose.

    The day I left I gave my best friend a thousand dollars, I asked him to scatter roses around my house and light candles. Told him to put “Gone till November” by wyclef.

    I was only going to be gone for six months and I would be back by november, if not around them. She loved the roses and she did cry, but she loved that I thought of her.

    I came back and she told me she cheated on me. I left the love of my life and now she is dating him.

    I’ve told no one that I put myself on a list to go back to Iraq, I plan on dying there.

  3. I can’t stop lying.
    I dont mean to do it, i just do it. Then i feel really bad for doing it. I hate myself. When I look in the mirror i want to be sick. I love her so much, she’d never understand, but I hate her even more.
    I hurt myself, and its getting out of hand.

  4. I’m secretly jealous of my best friend to the point where I think I may actually hate her subconciously. It really bothers me that I feel that way but she seems so perfect and everyone likes her that I can’t help but to be jealous. Somedays, I wish I was her.

  5. I really hate the way I look… I pretend not to mind but I wish to be better-looking.

  6. Tomorrow >>I have midterm exam…*-*

  7. I also hate how I look, I try not to care bout anything but I really hate how I look I envy anyone that looks better than I, which is mainly everyone

  8. I weigh 200 lbs @ 15 years old yet can do 160 situps without a break, I down 1-2 bottles of Coke a day, I haven’t gone to school in 2 years and I don’t do my homeschooling work but say I do, I’ve played over 20 mmorpgs at least once, I hate when people write common Japanese words in Romanji characters at random points in a sentence.

    … And all of that is true.

  9. i don’t and can’t talk anymore, i dunno what happened but when people talk to me i don’t know how to reply. i’ve turned so quiet its scary becasue i never was like this before, i know i am a quiet person but never this quiet

  10. I feel sad everytime I think of my life , many times I thought about suicide but I’m too coward to do anything . . . at least right now

    I feel depressed when I see other people doing well when they aren’t really smart , I know I’m not dumb . . . to be honest I feel really intelligent but no ones notice it . . .

    I’ve learned a second language ( english ) , I learned a few things of other languages too such as Polish , Swedish and Japanese . . . that’s something I’m proud of . . .

    ‘Ignorance is bliss’

    • have u ever seen the bud of lotus flower? its so ugly in its primary stage. but when its spreed all things, it looks so beautiful. if people can’t see your best thing, what will they judge. we can say someone, he/she is a good singer. why? because we hear her songs. so don’t put yourself only in imagination. do something, then people will say this is ‘Louis’. he can do ………….. fill this blank yourself.

  11. IMy family just criticize the way I’m , what I do and what I don’t . . . I guess I don’t speak too much , after all the failed tries I learned to not trust my family , I hate every one of them ( mom, dad, grandma, uncles and aunts ) to a certain degree because they lack respect with me and treat me as a useless lazy ass . . .

    In reality I (learned to) fear social contact , I’m scared of new expericences involving people . . . I don’t want to be exposed , I don’t want to be tested , I don’t want to be mocked and looked down because I think , act and see things differently . . .

    I try my best to respect other people views but they don’t seem to care to do the same for me . . . That makes me hate humans even more .

    I’m losing my patience with them . . . Soon I’ll become as cold as they think I’m . I answer people with respect and rarely jump into conclusions or call them names , I like to hear every side of a history , every view even if I’m not positive with it . . . That’s starting to change , because I need to . . . I don’t want to be abused , I won’t be the ‘calm gentleman’ anymore .

    I’m often daydreaming of how things could be if I were ‘normal’ . . . And I cry when I realize that will never happen . . . mainly because it can’t be like that and perhaps I don’t want to be like that . . . I just would like to suffer less . . .

    I miss a person . . . “that person” wasn’t perfect but did respect me . . . loved me as I ‘was’ . . . I miss the noons with ‘that person’ . . . Just to be embraced felt great and all my worries were gone . . . I felt happy and believed that I could lead a better life with ‘that person’ support and caring . . .

    But now ‘that person’ is gone , I feel somewhat empty , the happyness is almost all gone and little I feel . . . But ‘that person’ isn’t the source of my biggest problems . . . but . . . now I’m alone again to face my demons . . . and I say , it’s pretty hard to get over it alone without a person I can trust . . .

    I’m done ranting now . . .

  12. ..everyone here sounds so depressed and upset with themselves and their lives. they think they are having such a hard time in life because they are all selfish. only and always only thinking about themselves. do you perople get what i am saying? i don’t mean to offend anyone. i only really write this by all means with good intentions. be satisfied with your life. with what you’re given. if you aren’t then change it. of course you should do that, however do not bring yourself down in that process. sigh* there is so much i want to say to everyone, however i was never really good at tell stories and what not.. but lastly i just want to say.. think of your blessings. if you think you have none you are wrong. [if you think that way, think to yourself why and what is the problem or reason you have that problem, then you will realize it was always your fault in the begining or you provoked it…] (i hope i am not confusing anyone…) but yea again. think of all the good things in your life, there is no person in this world non-deserving than the other. we should all enjoy our life.

  13. well grizzly this is a confession page, so you shouldn’t really say that, stuff like that is what people call “flame bait”. my confession is well i’ve never told anyone this and only a few people know but not my fiends here online it’s not that i can’t tell them it’s just i’m to ashamed, my confession well lets see i’m 16 years old i’m huge i haven’t left the house in a 3 years all i do is read and well eat even i say everyday i’m gonna go on a diet but i don’t my dad is ill hes got aerthritis and a sist growing on his brain haha i’m the worst i do help though i’m helping more and more everyday i feel better when i know i help the few friends i have which are onlin seem to confess and tell me all their peoblems and i give them advice maybe one day i’ll open up myself to someone and get my life sorted

  14. Well, I was depressed before I read this page, but now I feel somewhat enlighted.
    Being some sort of an 16 year old undiagnosed High-functioning autist or whatever.

    Maybe, we should all think about changing our lives in small steps.

    Lifes to short to be taken seriously

  15. got Jesus?

  16. I like anime characters more than real people… and I’m going to turn 30 in a month. Most people think I’m a little odd.

    I had a son when I was 18 and was a single Mom working and going to college before I met and married my husband. Sometimes I wonder what life would have been like if I had made different choices — then I realize I’d probably be dead if it wasn’t for my son.

    I’m addicted to my ipod.

    I have a massive crush on L.

    I’m procrastinating again.

    • Hey its nothing wrong with havin anime character crushes.

      I’m 26and have tons of anime female crushes.

  17. i m failing my courses, but i told my parents i m getting 90s and they love me… i think i m bulemic but i dont vomit my food, it goes out the other way in a liquid form though… i also like anime characters more than real ppl and i m almost 20… i have a lab report due in 12 hrs and i havent even started… i m a loser but i pretend to be really intelligent and ppl actually buy it… i m almost 20 and i ve not had a boyfrend yet and this worries me cuz i m not xactly ugly so i duno y i dun get asked out… i m scared of the dark and sumtimes sleep wit my mom… i wish i wasnt living the life im living now and that i was a different person, any1 wud do… i ve tried to attempt suicide but dint have the courage… i cant think of anymore confessions

  18. just remembered 1 more… the guy i liked (and he said he liked me back too) just got married and i m pissed off and i want to kill his fugly wife along with him by stickin a bomb in their house and laugh evilly while i watch their house and their lives go up in flames

  19. I feel depressed, now I am treating my friends like trash. I just don’t want to fight anymore it seems. I guess I don’t really value my life, not that it’s anything to value. One girl who crushed on my friends boyfriend over the internet… Well… I have been screwing up her life. Basically making other people miserable makes me happy. I can’t deny it. I know it. You may look at it as bad but I really don’t believe in good or bad and right and wrong. The only reason I live is because life is interesting, to see peoples reactions, to make people sad, and doing those things make me feel joy. Selfish it may be but I am a selfish person. I don’t care about anyone but myself. This much is true.

  20. I am way too impulsive when it comes to talking and even when I am thinking “Don’t say that, don’t say that!” I am saying things all the same. I am sprouting stuff that I regret later anyway. But I say it. For the life of me, I don’t know how to be ‘mature’ and ‘say sane things’ even if I am already six months over 18.

    Even though I often publish articles (anonymously) about supporting gay rights and what not, I am too hellishly scared to be anything more than a closet gay. My only excuse is that I don’t lose the comfortable and ‘I-am-popular’ lifestyle I enjoy because of that. I try not to think too much about it, but when I do, I feel like I am too low to be even alive. Not just with respect to this, but I hide so many of my true opinions and stuff just to not let go of my comfort zone… I am so much of a coward and I don’t understand why it doesn’t show on my face.

    And since this is a confession, and to properly end a confession, I suppose the only thing I can say is that I will try to rectify all that… and yet, here’s my mind saying, “Who are you trying to kid?”

  21. My feet smell.
    Thinking of opening a small mushroom buisness.
    Thinking if it’s safe to take in bout 30 cofi-tabs. Dammn tempting.
    Going to go steal some food. Don’t worry, I’m bad at it. They always trick me out of my wallet. Not this time! I have a custom mousetrap with me.

    Not feeling proud of even looking at these comments.
    I have problems today. Wanna send me some cookies? =)

  22. lol, got jesus… jeez, be compassionate XD

  23. About two years ago, my dad left my mom and we moved. He told my three younger siblings that no matter how much I tried that I wasn’t worth their time. And because I’m a ‘geek’ they should never look up to me. I feel like the parent in my household. But honestly, I’m pretty happy with my life because I still have my siblings and mother. :3 My siblings may hate me, and my mom may never approve, but all I know is that their okay. And for some strange reason, that makes me feel good. 😀 All I want is to know how to give them all the oppertunities they can get in life. I don’t want them to end up like me, and I don’t want any pity because I am trying to improve my life. I just hope that one day they can get over what my father said and start accepting my love again. I also want my mom to be happier. Because she’s so beautiful, intelligent, and the best mother I could have dreamed of. I just want to help them to be happiest they can be! XD

    I love meh lil n00bletz and meh mom more than all the good anime combined.

  24. Im Bored….
    I Suck…
    Im a Loser…
    So fu*king Bored…

  25. I flip off my parents a lot. When I’m getting a lecture for such a tiny, little, stupid matter, I sometimes think in my head “Why can’t you fucking die?!” “I want to kill you!” “Shut up you fucking bastard!”

    I’ve thought a lot about if my parents die. And all I can feal is happiness that they’re not there.

  26. My best friend Victoria means the world to me. Sarcastic jokes were her trademark and we both share the same short tempers…

    But half the time, when she messed up on something, she cries and cries about it. And whenever I try to console her about it she’d yell “Go away, it’s not like you’re the one suffering here!” And I just want to lash back, “It’s not my fault you screwed up, why do you always have to bite off other people who want to help you? Why do you have to be so selfish?”

    That time, she ticked me off so badly, I couldn’t talk to her for a week. Eventually, we started hanging out again, but now, it just feels really good to get all this shit I’ve been having bottled up spill out.

  27. My dreams tell me I am messing around, I am sure too, dreaming about the police coming for me meaning I am not dealing with waking life issues lol. I am in trouble, I have a beautifull girlfriend, I swear she’s like Julia Roberts double. Thing is I keep on cheating on her, I never was a cheater untill the wrong group of women happend to me.I carry such guilt with me it is not funny.In the time that we are together, I have slept with 2 women and see more options of women that want me but I am trying to stay away.
    One of them work with me, Ive done her a few times she’s much older than what I am, an I am grossed out. 2 weeks ago she and a fdriend got me drunk and took advantage of me. It was traumitising, went home to shower to get the smell of them off me.I blame myself for being aroused, alchohol lowers your controll. I cant tell anyone what happend. Its not everyday that guys get raped by women, and most guys would love that.
    All I know is that it has left a major hole in my head. Since 2 weeks ago, I have quit drinking and smoking, people keep asking what is wrong with me. I just put on a fake smile and carry on.Im reaching a point of not wanting to come to work anymore, but I love my job.

    Life sucks, turns you over, then you die. ( or wish). FTW

  28. I talk on the internet ALL the time (just JF and my IM, though.) The people I talk with are a hell of a lot friendlier than the people I went to school with. I consider these people my family, and I haven’t felt part of a family in a long time. Haha, I even have a boyfriend now, which I never thought possible. I love him more than anything in the world and I would give anything to be there with him right now. I’ll do whatever it takes to get over there. I’m in the US, Washington to be more precise, and he’s in England…..My parents don’t know anything about it. I want to keep the fact that I have friends on here from them, because they would most likely take away my family, and even the person that makes me happiest.

    Is there anything wrong with just being happy? Is there anything wrong with love?

  29. I don’t know what it is about me, but I can’t stand the thought that the one I love has had sex with another guy, even though this was before she even knew me. I started cutting because it hurt so bad. I want to get over it, but I don’t know if I can. I wonder if it’s normal to have random thoughts of death and suicide enter my head, even when I know I’m not going to do such a thing. Whenever I see or hear someone talk about about sex as if it is a fun time, these emotions start up again, and I’m right back to square one, crouched down with a Utility knife in my hand. I seem to have stopped for now, but I can never know when I might suddenly start up again. I don’t care because I like the physical pain, as opposed to the physiological emptiness inside, but I worry that some one (teacher of course) at school will find out and then I don’t know what will happen, and I worry about this even though I’ve made the cuts far enough up my legs to be concealed by shorts. Why can’t I just be happy with her for her. I love her more than anything, and she’s the only reason I have for living in this world *cause god-knows I have no one else*. I just want to be happy. But, why do I deserve that? I have thought that many times, and I feel like everything that has gone wrong for me was because I deserve it. Even though I live a simple life with no drug use, sex, alcohol, hell I don’t even have a car. But back to the point, whenever I talk to her, I’m as happy as can be. Those feelings only manifest themselves in me when We aren’t speaking. School is coming up and we’re going to be able to talk even less than we do now, and I wonder if I’ll be able to make it.

  30. Ive been dating the love of my life for 4 years now, and last night.. she cheated on me with a broomstick. and now there living a happy life in the mountains of Colorado. The boomstick drives a Mercedes bennz and the wappadapolous, i aint got no apple dust.

  31. I feel like others’ memories are mine on a damn forum.

  32. I have been hiding desires of crossdressing for I think about a year now. I am not a pretty person, but every time I think I will be able to do it, I remember that I might be shooting down my chances of regaining a future with the one I love who no longer belongs to me. If I let this person know, then that may really be the end, but if they cannot accept me for me, then what’s the point of even loving them. I would not be gallivanting with anyone or being promiscuous. Just trying to “pass.” I have a friend who is willing to help me dress properly…but all I can think of is a future that I never thought I would have to struggle to attain. I really am scared…

  33. I’m secretly jealous of my best friend to the point where I think I may actually hate her subconciously. the guy i’m in love with likes her (as a friend) more than me and he barely acknolages me and it just pisses me off i love her to death but sometimes my jealousy makes me hate her

  34. People build walls, not to keep others out, but to see who cares enough to tear them down…
    Sadly, my friends couldn’t see the walls I built, and they were never torn down…
    I am still waiting for them to be taken down, sadly, the right people haven’t come and done that

  35. I somehowhate the guy sitting next to me,but I still love him for some reason..

  36. 2 months ago a guy told me that he liked me and that I was a down to earth person and blablabla…
    I told him that I liked him too.Funny part is that we both love the same things, we both had similar opinions on things and our birthday is the same date.Ironic much ? in sec 2 he used to come and see me all the time and try to have a conversation with me. At first I didn’t know him, but I knew by the way he was talking to me, he was shy and I found that really odd, but I didn’t mind.The last year of sec 2 I moved somewhere else far away from my home town.I was a little bit distant with my friends at my old school, I wasn’t talking much to them and so weren’t they. I wanted to get over with them and start fresh at my new school (that was in sec3). When I would go online none of my old friends would talk to me, mabye sometimes in a while but it only lasted a month. The guy that liked me, everytime I went online, he would ALWAYS talk to me, and we would end up having conversations t’il midnight.We talked about everything, and we always confessed what was bothering us. It lasted for about 2-3 years. So finally 2 months ago, as I said in the beginning he finally confessed. I had to admit I kinda did have a wee crush on him, but I knew that if we wanted to date it would of been impossible since we live so far from one another. So this week I went online and he told me that he had a girlfriend. I was in total shock! I almost fell off my chair. He told me that they were going out for a month. I told him that I was happy for him and hope that they’re relationship will last forever (yeah right…) But honestly what could have I said ? “fuck you”. I didn’t want to destroy our friendship. And worse part was that this weekend I wanted to tell him that we should meet saturday for our birthday.I even bought him a gift. I know last year I was supposed to go back to my hometown to meet him but I couldn’t and he told me that he bought me a gift for my b-d. I wonder if he still kept it… But I couldn’t tell him after reading what he wrote I was in total shock. I wanted him to still like me , but the back of my mind was always saying “well it’s like you said it would of been impossible anyway”. If he wanted to meet up with me, I think I wouldn’t be able to have the courage to see him now. Now everytime he talks to me online, it feels so awkward. He starts the conversation “hi” “how r u” then he doesn’t say anything. I have to come up with something to say. I mean what the hell? he starts a conversation and he doesn’t say anything. So why bother to start a conversation then. Argh I feel so stupid… But I wonder if maybe he still kinda likes me a little. He’s girlfriend is pretty though and even I know I can’t compete with that. Now I dk… I want to say or ask him something but I have no Idea what to say to him.

  37. All I ever wanted was justice for others … a perfect world … will my conscious torturing me..
    Am I like them ?,,but someone had to do this , and unfortunately it’s me…
    but if i don’t , then who will
    soon you will know the truth , soon you will see that it’s not me

  38. I always wondered “who am I to judge?” and I always wondered “this is the problem”
    If no one is going to do it then I shall…
    Who’s gonna miss a killer?
    Who’s gonna miss a drug dealer?
    Who’s gonna miss a child abuser?
    Who’s gonna miss them?
    The world is a better place without them …a better place…
    But did they deserve the chance to live …did I have to wait until they change… but they will never do …
    what is killing me is a simple question but without an answer ” Am I like them , but with a Different motives ?”…. am I ?

  39. i fucking hate my best friend’s boyfriend with no real reason, except that he’s a complete creep!!

    the only reason that me and my other friend set them up is because he wouldn’t leave my other friend alone!!! i swear he was like stalking her.

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